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Arkona – Yav (Napalm)

I’ve always found Russian Pagan Folk band Arkona an interesting and intriguing listen, but when funds are tight there was always another band that won my hard-earned. Then I realized I might be doing them a disservice because I really… Continue Reading →

Panychida – Grief For An Idol (Paragon Records)

There are definitely no false idols to be found on this album from pagan black Czech horde Panychida. On this their third album the group take us on quite an enthralling journey through 50 minutes worth of music that is… Continue Reading →

Therion & Arkona – London Islington Academy 20/12/13

Due to a combination of early doors and meeting up with people, for once I completely broke my own rule of trying to make sure I covered all the support bands by walking in just as the second of them… Continue Reading →

Munruthel – CREEDamage (Svarga)

I was thinking about who had got the most reviews on the site since it started a year ago. It should have no doubt been megalomaniac Devin who told me some time ago he was out from making music finito…. Continue Reading →

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