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The Old Dead Tree – The End (Season of Mist)

This is a really interesting release. I remember The Old Dead Tree in particular from their excellent 2003 work “The Nameless Disease”. They followed this up with two albums before splitting, resulting in the EP “The End” being their first… Continue Reading →

Akvan – Forgotten Glory (Shaytan Productions)

This is black metal from Iran – not a common event, I imagine. “Forgotten Glory” is influenced by Iran’s art, literature, history, mythology and music. Akvan have been active and productive since 2015. It starts with an ostensibly calming and… Continue Reading →

Eths – Ankaa (Season Of Mist)

Founding member of French band Eths, Staif Bihl hasn’t had the easiest time of things of late. Firstly original singer Candice Clot decamped in 2012 but luckily a replacement Rachel Aspe was found shortly after and got her baptism on… Continue Reading →

Blaak Heat – Shifting Mirrors (Svart)

I can’t recall an album where the opening has cried out “prog!” to me in such a way as this one. But this is a prog which winds along regressively as well as progressively with a 70s hard rock fuzz… Continue Reading →

Cyaxares – Whores of Babylon (Haarbn Productions)

It’s always a good sign when you listen to an album and just want to listen to it again. This is what happened to me here. By the time I’d got to “Whores of Babylon”, the title track and the… Continue Reading →

Foscor – Those Horrors Wither (Alone Records)

I confess that I’d never heard of Foscor before but what struck me when I’d listened to a few minutes of this album was the impeccable balance they create in their music. This impression was based on “Whirl of Dread”,… Continue Reading →

Grorr – The Unknown Citizens (Vicisolum Productions)

This album, Grorr’s third, is in three parts about three different lives: The Fighter, The Worker, The Dreamer. It’s not as artificially conceptual as it may sound, or at least it didn’t seem so to me. In their previous album… Continue Reading →

Arkan – Sofia (Season of Mist)

I’ve been sucked into the aromas of this Paris-based band of North African origin since I heard their album Hilal (2008). Harsh death metal combines with Arabic rhythms and instruments. The process was fine-tuned on their follow-up album “Salam” (2011)…. Continue Reading →

Epysode – Fantasmagoria (AFM)

Epysode’s debut totally passed me by! I missed it somehow – How?? I do like a bit of Dark Power Metal and sure enough this second offering has it in spades. There’s no Dragons being slayed here, no wizards. no… Continue Reading →

Sand Aura – Elegy of the Orient (Haarbn Productions)

Here’s a first. I can’t remember ever reviewing anything from Egypt before. I now know that the coolly named Sand Aura have been around since 2007, this is their first album release and they play progressive metal. Without question this… Continue Reading →

Amaranthe – The Nexus (Spinefarm)

The name Jacob Hansen seems to follow me everywhere I go. This former member of Anubis Gate is more noteworthy in my book for his production and mixing work with Mercenary, Volbeat, Arkan, Wolverine and seemingly countless others. He is… Continue Reading →

Acyl – Algebra (Mosaic Music Distribution)

I really liked Acyl’s debut ep “Angel’s Sin” and so was very pleased to have the chance to review “Algebra”, their first album. Acyl are an Algerian-French experimental metal band who draw on their North African origins and use traditional… Continue Reading →

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