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Moon and Azure Shadow – Age Of Darkness And Frost (Repose Records)

I was aware of US one man project of Sean Yoshioka, Moon And Azure Shadow before this landed but never got round to them. Here in Covid-19 isolation though, time is all I have and this beautiful A5 digipak arrived… Continue Reading →

Autumn Tears – Colors Hidden Within The Gray (S/R)

After a ten year plus slumber the return of Autumn Tears with EP ‘The Origin Of Sleep’ was a more than welcome one. The neo-classical US based collective had really made their mark on the fringes of our musical world… Continue Reading →

Haiku Funeral – Decadent Luminosity (Aesthetic Death)

The past two albums gave me nightmares and hallucinations in more than just title and now I am promised decadence and luminosity. Will a light suddenly go on in my head and understanding be reached as far as Haiku Funeral… Continue Reading →

Ophidian Forest – votive (Code666)

Ok I mostly picked this up through intrigue. Intrigue caused by an ex-guitarist running their original Facebook page, not having talked to them for five years, directing people to the new page and mumbling about not having a clue what… Continue Reading →

Empty – Vacio (Osmose)

I remembered Spanish band Empty not by their name which is hardly remarkable but by the cover art to their third album The House Of Funerary Hymns which certainly caught my attention on release in 2009 with its spooky imagery… Continue Reading →

Midnight Odyssey – Silhouettes Of Stars (I Voidhanger)

I missed the 2015 Shards Of Silver Fate album by Midnight Odyssey, the cosmic/ambient black metal project that Australian auteur Dis Pater chooses to express himself through; a situation I am going to have to correct. You see just before… Continue Reading →

My Silent Wake – Invitation To Imperfection (Opa Loka)

It’s always good to be reminded that my reputation amongst my less musically anal retentive friends for having an encyclopaedic knowledge of metal is not really deserved. Case in point being doom band My Silent Wake, as to the best… Continue Reading →

The Moon & The Nightspirit – Holdrejtek (Prophecy)

Some Hungarian folk music anyone? What’s that shaking the head all about, we never did claim to be a noisy metal site, we try and cater for all tastes within reason and it’s always nice to chill out to something… Continue Reading →

Tamerlan – Ain (Debemur Morti)

We normally get windswept black dissonance or strange pulsing ambient blackness via French label Debemur Morti but Tamerlan take us down a completely different acoustic / neo-folk route. This project is essentially the work of multi-instrumentalist Timur Iskandarov a Russian… Continue Reading →

Neronoia – Sapore Di Luce E Di Pietra (Eibon)

I like a challenge, I always say that to our editor, and this album intrigued me with its short description on the review list with adjectives such as twisted, bleak, misery etc, thinking I was about to embark on a… Continue Reading →

Lord Agheros – Demiurgo (My Kingdom Music)

Back once more into the comforting arms of atmospheric/ambient black metal. It is a place I like to be, I admit, as I often think of them as soundtracks to lost films. Here it is all about the atmosphere and… Continue Reading →

Canaan – Of Prisoners, Wandering Souls and Cruel Fears (Eibon Records)

Not knowing much about this Italian group, from the description I was expecting some descent into utter Hell carved out by the collective sickness of something akin to Khanate meets the Axis of Perdition. Er… No. This is an altogether… Continue Reading →

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