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JoDöden – Sittandes i sjön med vatten över huvudet (Nordvis Produktion)

When I came across a site called Depressive Visions, which featured this work, it gave more than a clue what to expect. The gentleman behind this ambient, nature-driven work is from Sweden, and what is evident is that through his… Continue Reading →

Abduction – Une Ombre Régit les Ombres (Finisterian Dead End)

“Autumnal black metal” is the designation given to this work by French band Abduction. I guess that means the array of colours, shorter days turning into longer nights, wind, storms and the spirit of the album’s title which translates as… Continue Reading →

Opeth – Sorceress (Nuclear Blast)

Here’s a band which needs no introduction. Suffice to say that this is their twelfth album, and it was recorded in Wales. Mr Åkerfeldt seems pretty happy with it, describing it as “fresh and old, both progressive and rehashed, heavy… Continue Reading →

Oktor – Another Dimension Of Pain (Solitude)

Poland, musically a land of extremity, be it ‘Hate’ filled, church burning black death or absolute unforgiving grinding carnage. When it comes to doom and certainly that which is of the funeral orientated style it probably is not a country… Continue Reading →

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