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Çub – Ouais (Atypeek Music)

More deranged nuttiness from Atypeek and actually 3 other labels who are releasing this in collaboration with them. This French lot were one that I approached with caution as their music is described as math rock which I can’t really… Continue Reading →

Pando – Negligible Senescence (Aesthetic Death)

Last year I reviewed Hiraeth by Pando. I say review. What I actually did was try and convey how the madness that Adam Bryant and Matt Gagne made me feel.  These two artists are genre fluid and combine field recordings, conversations,… Continue Reading →

Sanford Parker – Lash Back (War Crime Recordings)

As well as being a member of Minsk, Corrections House and Buried at Sea, Sanford Parker is a helluva producer. Having been involved with so many important metal bands, his new, electronic release ‘Lash Back’ is quite a departure from… Continue Reading →

The Moth Gatherer – The Earth is The Sky (Agonia)

Formed in Stockholm back in 2008 by two musicians who used music as a way of therapeutic release and expression to deal with sorrow and tragedy, likening it to moths gathering to a light source, the two soon became three… Continue Reading →

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