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Verheerer – Monolith (Vendetta Records)

Starting off as a duo German band Verheerer (Devastator) released debut album Maltrér back in 2018. Obviously it went down well although seemingly was missed entirely by us and the impetus from it has encouraged the band to recruit three… Continue Reading →

Panzerfaust – The Suns Of Perdition: Chapter I: War, Horrid War (Eisenwald)

How have I not alighted on this band previously? World War II (loosely) themed Canadian black metallers Panzerfaust have been kicking around for a while now but, with only three albums before this, it’s perhaps understandable they could have flown… Continue Reading →

Kommandant – Blood Eel (ATMF)

The raging gas masked war-machine from Chicago are back. I have been faithfully following musical orders from Kommandant since they sent in their 2010 EP Kontakt, a couple of albums have followed and the band have collaborated on a host… Continue Reading →

Azziard – Metempsychose (Malpermesita Records)

Pulling this CD out of its wrapping I remembered the band name and that this deathly black troop from France had struck me as slightly bonkers on last album ‘Vesanie’ in 2014. At the time they had been in the… Continue Reading →

Albums Of The Year 2017

PETE WOODS (EDITOR): TOP 20 As others will re-iterate it’s been a crazy year for good music releases and anyone who tells you otherwise is quite frankly a fool. The biggest problem has been keeping up with it all and… Continue Reading →

Aosoth – V: The Inside Scriptures (Agonia)

Has it really been four years since the last Aosoth full-length (IV: Arrow In Heart)? Man, time flies. It seems like only the other day that that record landed and further cemented Aosoth’s position as being one of the more… Continue Reading →

Caïnan Dawn – F.O.H.A.T. (Osmose)

Caïnan Dawn’s last opus hit me like a lorry load of corpse paint. Rumbling, muscular black metal with a mission to drown you in wave upon wave of bass-heavy sound that requires nothing more of you than to stop, listen… Continue Reading →

Merrimack – Omegaphilia (Season Of Mist)

I bought this French bands 2012 release “The Acausal Mass” on a whim and was very pleased that my gamble paid off as it was a fine display of vehement black metal done in a way that only the French… Continue Reading →

Aum – Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum (Iron Bonehead Productions)

If you follow labels like I do then you’ll be well aware that anything coming out from Iron Bonehead is usually some of the filthiest diabolical music on the planet and here they do it again with the mysterious and… Continue Reading →

Narvik – Ascension To Apotheosis (Folter Records)

Narvik is a place in Norway and these Germans adopted the name in memory of musician Robert Burås of rock band Madrugada who lived and died there, taken far too young at the age of 31. His guitar work which… Continue Reading →

VI – De Praestigiis Angelorum (Agonia)

Black metal has a cold, pernicious heart and, if my blood soaked ears and ruptured brain cells are anything to go by, I may just have strayed too close to its beating core. Imagine Aosoth on speed – three of… Continue Reading →

The Order of Apollyon – The Sword and The Dagger (Listenable)

Five years since their debut release, 2015 sees the 2nd album of The Order of Apollyon eventually rear its gnarly head. After a huge upheaval in line-up (co-founder Dan Wilding is now with Carcass, former Akercocke man Peter Benjamin has… Continue Reading →

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