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Svart Crown – Wolves Among The Ashes (Century Media)

There are always those bands that you just never get around to checking out. Someone can bang on and on about an artist and you still won’t relent. Sometimes even when you do relent you still don’t ‘get it’. I… Continue Reading →

Ethernity – The Human Race Extinction (AFM)

Formed in 2000, Belgian Progressive Metal five piece Ethernity were up until recently a Six- piece. Due to vocalist Julie Colin leaving the band (due to Personal Reasons), the band are now seemingly on the hunt for a new vocalist… Continue Reading →

Teramaze – Her Halo (Music Theories Recordings)

2015 has seen some fantastic Progressive Metal albums come out. With offerings from Jorn Lande, Anthropia, Iris Divine, Rendezvous Point, Symphony X and Queensrÿche all offering out new material, you could easily fill up a good portion of the end… Continue Reading →

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