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F.K.U – 1981 (Despotz Records)

F.K.U – 1981 (Despotz Records)

If you were lucky enough to hear 2013’s “Rise of the Mosh Mongers” by F.K.U. you know you are in for a retro treat. By retro I do not mean rebranded Trump(ed) up dayglow for Millennials. I mean full on one high-topped white trainered foot.. Read More
Dr. Living Dead! - Cosmic Conqueror (Century Media)

Dr. Living Dead! – Cosmic Conqueror (Century Media)

I was going to start this review off with the statement that these guys are 30 years late to the party, but realised that was most likely only when they were born. Additionally they wouldn’t have been as heavily influenced by some of my favourite.. Read More
Municipal Waste - Slime And Punishment (Nuclear Blast)

Municipal Waste – Slime And Punishment (Nuclear Blast)

Do we really need an introduction to this band? By the time I could do my typical, minimalist outline of the history of the band, their style and whatever else can pad out the initial paragraph, Municipal Waste would have already torn through several tracks,.. Read More
Solitary - The Diseased Heart Of Society (UKEM)

Solitary – The Diseased Heart Of Society (UKEM)

These old school thrash lords from Preston have been on the UK underground scene since the mid-nineties. Having earned a reputation for delivering uncompromising, undiluted work for this genre, “The Diseased Heart Of Society” represents another important chapter in the band’s history. Living in an.. Read More
Iron Reagan - Crossover Ministry (Relapse)

Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry (Relapse)

Having a bad day? Maybe the boss is giving you the shits and the rest of humanity is conspiring to just not play nice? 30 minutes is all you need to cast away these unpleasantries and Iron Reagan may just be the cure. “Crossover Ministry”.. Read More
Evil Invaders - In For The Kill (Napalm)

Evil Invaders – In For The Kill (Napalm)

Belgian thrash and speed metal four piece Evil Invaders are an in your face bunch. Having been blown away by their debut full length “Pulses Of Pleasure” last year, a stunning display of blistering paced riffery and flashy leads which scream forth like a Delorean.. Read More
Meshiaak - Alliance Of Thieves (Mascot)

Meshiaak – Alliance Of Thieves (Mascot)

The press release for the debut album from Australia based band Meshiaak peaked my interest. They bill themselves as a super-group, with the most notable name on the list being Drummer Jon Dette who has played with industry heavyweights such as Iced Earth, Slayer, Testament.. Read More
Interview - Nervosa

Interview – Nervosa

Last August, I was lucky enough to do an in depth interview with Fernanda Lira, the vocalist and bassist one of the fast rising bands in thrash metal. For almost an hour we discussed things like her influences, her music taste, played a game of.. Read More
Rock Im Revier 2016 (Westfenhalle, Dortmund, 26-28/5/26 )

Rock Im Revier 2016 (Westfenhalle, Dortmund, 26-28/5/26 )

Rock Im Revier is a relative newcomer to the European festival scene which some people say is overcrowded and at times, I do have to agree with them. You only have to look at how many festivals have folded recently due to financial instability, lack.. Read More
Anthrax – Den Atelier, Luxembourg 09/06/16

Anthrax – Den Atelier, Luxembourg 09/06/16

Thanks to the advertised start time of 9:30 for tonight’s gig, I arrived too late to catch local talent Scarlet Anger (their sophomore album reviewed here some time back). On the bright side, this obviously meant that there wasn’t much time to wait before the.. Read More
Death Angel - The Evil Divide (Nuclear Blast)

Death Angel – The Evil Divide (Nuclear Blast)

Well, another thrash album in what has been a promising spell of releases for the genre. Another unsung name and often overlooked thrash band from the 80’s who have a ferocious sound but because they aren’t in the big four, people just shrug at their.. Read More
Solanum – I.T.S.C (HPGD Productions)

Solanum – I.T.S.C (HPGD Productions)

When it comes to crossover, historically there seems to have been two approaches. Punks who beef up the riffs and get more metal or metallers who speed up the verses and get more hardcore. I usually preferred the former. Solanum from Winnipeg Manitoba appear to.. Read More