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Hammercult – Built For War (SPV)

18 months ago or so I reviewed this bands sophomore and was mightily impressed with its approach and style as yet another Israeli band sees fit to let us know that their metal scene is alive and kicking furiously. Depending… Continue Reading →

Titans Eve – Chasing The Devil (S/R)

Canadian melodic thrasher Titans Eve have released a couple of albums independently so far with the last, “Life Apocalypse”, being a thoroughly enjoyable affair of modern melodic thrash with some killer hooks and riffs. Three years later and the bands… Continue Reading →

Raven – ExtermiNation (SPV)

Raven wrote the book on insane and fast metal during the NWOBHM movement and have to their credit continued to record albums when many others unplugged their equipment in the face of other musical trends becoming more mainstream. This album… Continue Reading →

Evil Invaders – Pulses of Pleasure (Napalm)

With a name which pays homage to Canadian Thrashers Razor (The title of their 1985 thrash masterpiece album), it doesn’t take much to guess what these Belgian guys play for a living. Full of energy and classic 80’s attitude, Evil… Continue Reading →

Interview – Striker

Striker’s third release ‘City of Gold’ is quite a catchy traditional metal release and as a band they have upped their game and are now on the brink of a couple of major tours which will no doubt enhance their… Continue Reading →

Shadow Host – Apocalyptic Symphony (Metalism Records)

Shadow Host, if you didn’t know (and I didn’t) are a thrash / power metal band from Moscow that have been in existence since 1993 and this is their fifth studio album. On top of those 5 records they’ve also… Continue Reading →

Annihilator, The Generals and Nightlord – London Islington Academy – 13/10/13

At 7 there was already a queue around the corner from the entrance and into the rain, for those already with tickets, and another much shorter queue for those collecting or buying tickets. Little did I realise that molasses on… Continue Reading →

Hibria – Silent Revenge (AFM)

This band formed in 1996 in Brazil and to date I find this one of the best exports in the power metal field from that country in rather a long time. To say this album is infectious is an understatement…. Continue Reading →

Battlecross – War Of Will (Metal Blade)

Recently I purchased this bands debut album “Pursuit Of Honor” and was thoroughly satisfied with their brand of screaming thrash with tons of groove and top end making it a weighty release. My anticipation of this sophomore effort was high… Continue Reading →

Paradox – Tales of The Weird (AFM Records)

25 years ago Paradox released their debut called “Product Of Imagination” and at the time they gained a big foothold onto the thrash scene that was set in concrete once they unleashed “Heresy” in 1989 and still is arguably their… Continue Reading →

Red Lamb – ST (Hansel & Gretel)

Remember Dan Spitz, go on think back, yep that’s him one time guitarist on the first six Anthrax albums before leaving music altogether and becoming a master Swiss watchmaker. Mr Spitz also states he has obsessive compulsive disorder and that… Continue Reading →

Altered Beast – Living for the Sin (Great Dane Records)

French band Altered Beast lay down some pretty hefty riffs, groove, thrash, and straight metal in their awesome debut album that features a nice piece of ass on the front cover! I have listened to this a hell of a… Continue Reading →

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