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Carchosa - Carchosa (S/R)

Carchosa – Carchosa (S/R)

‘If you want something doing, you’re best doing it yourself’. Time and time again, this saying has proven true and in the case of Henrik Nygren from Malmö, Sweden, when he was trying to create his own musical venture. Unable to find anyone who was.. Read More
Angelus Apatrida - Cabaret De La Guillotine (Century Media)

Angelus Apatrida – Cabaret De La Guillotine (Century Media)

Formed in Albacete in 2000 and sharing ¾ Of their line-up with the Albacete-based neo-classical/prog metal trio Nexus 6, Angelus Apatrida are an uncompromising Euro-thrash Powerhouse who are set to unleash their 6th album “Cabaret De La Guillotine”. With the meaning implied behind the album.. Read More
Testament, Annihilator, Vader -LCR Norwich 3/4/18

Testament, Annihilator, Vader -LCR Norwich 3/4/18

It’s an early off tonight for the Polish veterans and the venue is steadily filling up when Vader take to the stage to give the Norfolk massive the full leather, studs and Satan experience. You’d think, given the other bands on this package Pete and.. Read More
Monte Pittman - Inverted Grasp of Balance (Metal Blade)

Monte Pittman – Inverted Grasp of Balance (Metal Blade)

Being a guitarist can be a tough career choice. If you’re ambitious and dedicated, practise your chops every day and refine your technique to the point of where you rival John Petrucci, you might get lucky, join a band and be poached by bigger bands... Read More
Evil Invaders - In For The Kill (Napalm)

Evil Invaders – In For The Kill (Napalm)

Belgian thrash and speed metal four piece Evil Invaders are an in your face bunch. Having been blown away by their debut full length “Pulses Of Pleasure” last year, a stunning display of blistering paced riffery and flashy leads which scream forth like a Delorean.. Read More
Dust Bolt – Mass Confusion (Napalm)

Dust Bolt – Mass Confusion (Napalm)

Back in 2014, I got an email which contained reference to a promising thrash band from Germany called Dust Bolt. The fact that it was to Teutonic Thrash piqued my interest and I jumped at the chance to give it a listen and say some.. Read More
Third Ion – Biolith (Glasstone Records)

Third Ion – Biolith (Glasstone Records)

So when a bassist from Devin Townsend’s band gets together with a guitarist from Into Eternity, it’s a pretty fair bet that project is going to lean towards the progressive. And Canada’s Third Ion are certainly of the progressive metal persuasion – expect plenty of.. Read More
Bull Riff Stampede - Enraging the Beast (S/R)

Bull Riff Stampede – Enraging the Beast (S/R)

For those unfamiliar with the band Bull Riff Stampede, the best way to describe them to you without letting you hear them is simple – Picture yourself on the front line of a wall of death in a pit but instead of people coming at.. Read More
Artillery - Penalty By Perception (Metal Blade)

Artillery – Penalty By Perception (Metal Blade)

Some thrash acts who were round during its early years have gone the distance, others have fallen by the wayside and some have gave up and regrouped and come back many years later. Danish Thrash outfit Artillery are one of those. Instrumental in the early.. Read More
Disquiet - The Condemnation (Soulseller)

Disquiet – The Condemnation (Soulseller)

Formed in Utrecht back in 2008, Dutch melodic thrash metal five piece Disquiet have caused quite a stir. With their debut album “Scars Of Undying Grief”, they had a fairly successful 2013 with regards to touring, sharing the stage with the likes of Canadian legends.. Read More
Hammercult - Built For War (SPV)

Hammercult – Built For War (SPV)

18 months ago or so I reviewed this bands sophomore and was mightily impressed with its approach and style as yet another Israeli band sees fit to let us know that their metal scene is alive and kicking furiously. Depending on what you prefer and.. Read More
Titans Eve - Chasing The Devil (S/R)

Titans Eve – Chasing The Devil (S/R)

Canadian melodic thrasher Titans Eve have released a couple of albums independently so far with the last, “Life Apocalypse”, being a thoroughly enjoyable affair of modern melodic thrash with some killer hooks and riffs. Three years later and the bands third release sees fit to.. Read More