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Northtale – Welcome To Paradise (Nuclear Blast)

OK, so as this is the band’s debut, maybe I should just mention how Northtale (NorthTale or North Tale whichever you prefer) came to be. U.D.O. guitarist Bill Hudson decided upon his departure from that band that what he really… Continue Reading →

TraumeR – History (Rock Of Angels)

Yep, not a typing error, the band appear to like their name written with a capital R on the end, so as I did with BattleroaR last year, I shall humour them and carry on the tradition. TraumeR (see, told… Continue Reading →

Silent Call – Truth’s Redemption (Dust On The Tracks)

I’m torn. Torn between championing the cause of a massively underrated and under-exposed Metal band, and the pride I feel when chatting about Progressive Metal to like minded people and playing them Silent Call – who invariably they have never… Continue Reading →

Derdian – Human Reset (S/R)

  I had the pleasure of reviewing Derdian’s last release, 2013’s self released “Limbo” for Ave Noctum, and the biggest surprise that 2014 holds (other than that the band have trusted me to review them again!) is that they still… Continue Reading →

Prospekt – The Colourless Sunrise (Sensory)

I’ve long regarded progressive metal as the frowning older brother of the power metal fan. The po-faced real ale drinker who has long since decided that the power metal formula has been well and truly flogged to death and should… Continue Reading →

Hibria – Silent Revenge (AFM)

This band formed in 1996 in Brazil and to date I find this one of the best exports in the power metal field from that country in rather a long time. To say this album is infectious is an understatement…. Continue Reading →

Derdian – Limbo (SR)

‘Limbo’. Quite apt as it goes… Italy’s Symphonic Neoclassical Progressive Power Metallers (!) Derdian have spent their last 3 albums exploring the realms of their self enforced Fantasy land trilogy, limiting them lyrically and planting them firmly in the shadow… Continue Reading →

Andre Matos – The Turn Of The Lights (Ear Music)

Andre Matos is, I am reliably informed, the Brazilian ex-lead singer of both progressive/power metal bands Angra and Shaman. No, not bands I know in depth and so I come to this very much as new ears seeking to be… Continue Reading →

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