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Angel Witch

The Deep – Premonition (S/R)

The Deep are closely linked in history to NWOBHM band and Deep Machine, namely the 1982 line up of that band with further links to Tokyo Blade, Rouge Male, Tytan, Vardis and somewhere in there is an Angel Witch! But… Continue Reading →

Night Demon – Curse of the Damned (SPV)

I have been waiting over three years for this album, those not familiar with this band should know I have been a keen follower before they released the first version of their EP (reviewed here: http://www.avenoctum.com/2013/05/night-demon-st-ep-sr). Roll on a few… Continue Reading →

Epitaph – Crawling Out Of The Crypt (High Roller)

Classic 80’s style Heavy/Doom Metal anyone? From an Italian band that were there the first time but have only just got around to re-recording their best tracks? A band that dress in silver pointy hats, fake Spock ears, skin-tight cropped… Continue Reading →

Convent Guilt – Guns For Hire (Cruz Del Sur )

Think of Australia, think of rock music, and probably the first, and for some only, band you’ll think of would be veteran stadium fillers AC/DC, or maybe their young clones, sorry, potential successors Airbourne.  To be added to that list… Continue Reading →

Interview – The Osiris Club

  Here at Ave Noctum we have the pleasure to swim in very creative waters. Quite a few of the artist’s we feature see and manage the visuals and music as a whole but not many quite like The Osiris… Continue Reading →

The Osiris Club – The Blazing World (Indie)

Well the PR sheet tries to chuck the kitchen sink at this when describing it, but with people who have played with Angel Witch and Electric Wizard you would be forgiven for expecting some groovy seventies/eighties downtuned riffage, yeah? Ah…… Continue Reading →

Cloven Hoof – Resist or Serve (High Roller Records)

If you’re a long term fan of Heavy Metal, there’s a good chance that the Cloven Hoof name is one that you will remember harking back to the late seventies, early eighties surge of fresh young bands from the UK… Continue Reading →

The Oath – ST (Rise Above)

Hands up everyone who thinks there just aren’t enough ’70s occult rock’ bands around, female fronted or otherwise? Feeling lonely in the corner there? Good. Ok, the rest of you, hands up who thought The Oath slotted neatly into that… Continue Reading →

Ogre – The Last Neanderthal (Minotauro Records)

Straight out the blocks, I’d like to point out, I’ve never heard of this band, I’ve never heard of their label, and I do this review lark out the simple joy of it. I hope that you appreciate this, and… Continue Reading →

Noctum – Final Sacrifice (Metal Blade)

Another new album, and another band I’ve never heard of, although each and every track on Noctum’s Metal Blade début ‘Final Sacrifice’ tells of classic metal and hard rock influences. Hailing from Sweden, home of so much excellent metal and… Continue Reading →

Revelation – Inner Harbor (Shadow Kingdom)

I suppose I should have kept up with Revelation’s releases in recent years but I had good reason not to. Back in 1991, armed with 20 quid I went in to town in search of some good old Doom Metal… Continue Reading →

In Solitude – S/T (Season of Mist)

Whilst I may well harp on about a lack of originality in bands these days, it is important to not forget those that have no interest in rewriting the rule book, but are happy to pay homage to the bands… Continue Reading →

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