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Dawn Of Winter – Pray For Doom (I Hate)

Since their formation in 1991, Dawn Of Winter have a string of demo’s, EP’s and a compilation appearance to their name along with two LP’s. Their third long player “Pray For Doom” finds the band flying the flag for classic… Continue Reading →

BattleroaR – Codex Epicus (Cruz Del Sur)

BattleroaR (still persisting with the capital R at the end of their name so lets humour them and not spoil things eh?) don’t do anything by half. It amazes me that it’s taken them until their fifth album to get… Continue Reading →

Halphas – Dawn of a Crimson Empire (Folter Records)

Absolutely stunning, simply sublime, brutal, aggressive and antagonistic in its approach to finding perfection, only just starts to describe this release, and it pretty much hits the spot of perfection on each level. ‘Dawn of a Crimson Empire’ has it… Continue Reading →

Bedemon – Symphony Of Shadows (Svart)

In the first song, ‘Saviour’ there is the line “On your knees and swallow the sword….” Hmm. It’s not a great start, though it does sound very seventies which in a way at least is what was intended. Now Angel… Continue Reading →

Moonless – Calling All Demons (Doomentia)

Moonless are a very new name to me and so the only preconception I have of the Danish band is based on the cover; pop art colours, psychedelic tinge, Doomentia records. So. Sludge, stoner, doom kind of area? Well first… Continue Reading →

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