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Angel Dust

Baden Metal Compilation Vol 2 – Flight Of The Griffin (Baden Metal)

Baden Metal’ (it sez ‘ere) is a German local scene support platform that has been on the go since 2002. It released it’s first compilation – an unsigned local Metal band compilation, back in 2008 called “Rise Of The Griffin”… Continue Reading →

Stratovarius – Nemesis (Ear Music)

There seems to come a time in many a long-standing Power Metal band (Helloween, Rage etc.) that you have a stab at “a slight change of direction”. This invariably is instigated by having new band members, buyer apathy or a… Continue Reading →

Wintersun – Time I (Nuclear Blast)

Faster, higher, bigger…. more ‘epic’. There can be few areas of metal that have embraced new technology to the extent that power metal has. In the search for a ‘big’ sound, keyboards and computers have increasingly proved too much of… Continue Reading →

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