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Ancient VVisdom – Mundus (Argonauta)

‘A Godlike Inferno’ landed back in 2011 following a collaboration album between Ancient VVisdom and none other than Charles Manson. It put them on the map for me and I enjoyed it although cannot remember exactly what was said about… Continue Reading →

Ancient VVisdom – 33 (Argonauta Records)

My Relationship with Ancient VVisdom began rather unexpectedly at the Inferno Festival 2012, in the small John Dee room. I was happily having my head caved in by all sorts of extremity such as Svarttjern and One Tail, One Head,… Continue Reading →

Blood And Sun – White Storms Fall (Pesanta Urfolk)

Minnesotans Blood And Sun may or may not like the description (I have no idea, but some people can be touchy about it), but to me we are very, very firmly in neo-folk territory here. A bit of Weh, a… Continue Reading →

Weh – Folkloren (Soulseller)

Eric E returns with his neo/dark folk project Weh, but this time the world it deals with is perhaps not so perpetually dark. En Natt Kom Doed from last year was steeped in the facets of death, but this one… Continue Reading →

Seth – The Howling Spirit (Season Of Mist)

Long running band but first album for seven years, France’s Seth have strangely never crossed my path. I’d have remembered. Odd name that for a black metal band I thought, bearing in mind round my neck of the woods the… Continue Reading →

A Pale Horse Named Death – Lay My Soul To Waste (SPV)

I looked and there before me was a pale horse! It did not take much thought before I started to download it. Death be damned, it was a new dose of doom I was looking for in the follow up… Continue Reading →

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