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Lychgate – The Contagion In Nine Steps (Blood Music)

It is time to crawl through the Lychgate and enter a graveyard of ghoulish and macabre sounds once more. Be prepared for the weird, wonderful and downright ghastly sounds from a portal to another world to confront you in all… Continue Reading →

Ancient Ascendant – Raise The Torch (Candlelight Records)

Possibly one of the UK’s premier extreme metal acts Ancient Ascendant has been steadily unleashing quality releases for nearly a decade. The bands last album, “Echoes And Cinder” had a slight experimental feathering with beautifully poised acoustic passages blending with… Continue Reading →

Lychgate – An Antidote for the Glass Pill (Blood Music)

Now, who doesn’t appreciate a massive organ? Lychgate certainly do, as theirs takes centre stage for album number 2, ‘An Antidote for the Glass Pill’. While not wanting to sound dismissive and flippant, when a particular instrument plays such a… Continue Reading →

Vallenfyre & Ancient Ascendant – London Boston Arms 21/10/14

Bit odd that there was just the one support tonight and they were not on for well over an hour after the doors opened. Anyone would think there was a lack of bands up for playing, especially as the one… Continue Reading →

Desecration – Cemetery Sickness (Metal Age Productions)

I’m no ‘Mystic Meg’ but I foresee 2015 to be a bit of a duff year when it comes to decent UK death metal releases. Why? Well this year alone we’ve seen some absolutely blinding albums from all the good… Continue Reading →

Candlefest – Altar Of Plagues, Xerath, Zatokrev, Kontinuum, Crown, Ancient Ascendant, The Earls Of Mars – Camden Underworld 24/8/13

The second day of the Candlefest sees an eclectic mix of bands including a few that I have never seen and a headliner playing their swansong. It was an early start as one band I did not want to miss… Continue Reading →

Interview – Andy Pilkington Headbangers Balls

I guess that as a subculture, a family, whatever, that as metalheads we like to think we have guts. Balls. Regardless of gender. We constantly use it about the musical drug of choice we prefer, about friends, about the ones… Continue Reading →

Hypocrisy, Bloodshot Dawn, Ancient Ascendant – London Underworld 16/4/13

I must admit that I was a little underwhelmed with the choice of supports tonight, not that I hasten to add I have a problem with either band it’s just that promoters do tend to overbook local groups who are… Continue Reading →

Enslaved, Winterfylleth & Ancient Ascendant – London Underworld 21/3/13

So a lovely sold out show at the Underworld meant it was going to prove fun doing normal things like seeing the bands, getting to the bar and loo and as for taking photos. … Luckily this was a very… Continue Reading →

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