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Ara – Devourer Of Worlds (S/R)

“Ooooh, that rumble” were the very words uttered from my mouth upon laying the threatening looking disc into the CD track and hitting play. This self-released debut from Wisconsin’s Ara is certainly one to grab the attention from the off,… Continue Reading →

Fisthammer – Devour All You See (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

This is Fisthammer’s first official release since their inception in 2008, and they have a fair bit to be proud of. These Pennsylvania face-pounders are not your average death metal band by any means, and have a few extra elements… Continue Reading →

Gory Blister – Earth Sick (Bakerteam Records)

The extreme Italian metal scene has thrown up quite a flurry of talented, interesting and crushingly heavy bands in the last few years. Gory Blister are one such band, although they are still relatively unknown compared to the likes of… Continue Reading →

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