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Deicide – Overtures Of Blasphemy (Century Media)

Classic is a word that gets chucked around an awful lot these days with many people claiming various, generally unheard of albums as undeniable testaments to Metal’s history. Sure enough bands may well be influential in their own right but… Continue Reading →

Ancient – Back To The Land Of The Dead (Soulseller)

I haven’t listened to Ancient in years and the last album I had was ‘Night Visit’. I was going to say I’ve probably got some catching up to do now, but nope, this is the first thing Zel’s done in… Continue Reading →

Deicide – In The Minds Of Evil (Century Media)

I do love a character… Just like Burzum & Varg (stabby / arsony / and, well, a bit of a Nazi…maybe)  Megadeth & Mustaine (guaranteed to say something bonkers at any moment / likes telling you how good he is… Continue Reading →

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