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Wolvenguard – Elemental Reclamation (S/R)

Here’s a tempting treat for anyone whose tastes linger at the blackened end of the melodic death metal spectrum – Amon Amarth, Kataklysm, Immortal. Yes, you say, but I’ve listened to all that Viking death metal stuff a thousand times,… Continue Reading →

Ereb Altor – Ulfven (Hammerheart)

To release five albums in five years nowadays is going some, even when it’s your only band, but when you are in two recording units (the main two songwriters of Ereb Altor are also members of Doom band Isole), it… Continue Reading →

Obscurity – Streitmacht (Trollzorn)

Of the numerous bands called Obscurity, this is the one from Germany. I suppose the album’s Germanic title is a giveaway on that score. The offer is Battle Metal comprising black, death and Viking elements. It all points to war…. Continue Reading →

Divine Element -Thaurachs Of Borsu (I, Voidhanger)

Divine Element is the brainchild of two musicians from the south-eastern reaches of Europe. Formed in Athens but now based between Athens and Budapest, the duo consists of multi-instrumentalist Ayloss (Spectral Lore) and vocalist/bassist Alchemist. Featuring some session members who… Continue Reading →

Craving – By the Storm (Apostasy Records)

I first heard Craving from Germany earlier this year on Sex to 9 with Maria on TotalRock and promptly got At Dawn their 2013 album. Craving mix up Power metal, Folk Metal and Melodic Death/ Black Metal to create a… Continue Reading →

Netherbird – The Grander Voyage (Blacklodge)

A bit of a rare treat, this one, all be told. I am an owner of the first of their four albums, “The Ghost Collector”, having bought it, bizarrely enough, in a second hand store in rural Norfolk (go figure)…. Continue Reading →

Sons Of Balaur – Tenebris Deos (Season Of Mist)

Unless you are part of the pathetic human sheep herd, you will be aware of how this is real black metal, the one true cult that never dies. The musical face of the true believers who work to resurrect our… Continue Reading →

Equilibrium – Armageddon (Nuclear Blast)

With every release it astounds me even more how effortlessly Equilibrium straddle that gap between Pagan/Folk Metal and Melodic Death Metal whilst always staying so unique. Years ago it was a sizeable void between the two styles before Equilibrium bridged… Continue Reading →

Asenblut – Berserker (AFM)

Writing this review without mentioning the name of…er a certain Swedish Viking metal band is going to test all my finely-honed skills as a reviewer. Because the similarities between Asenblut and Am…. ahhh….er… that band with the ex-lorry driver as… Continue Reading →

Be’Lakor – Vessels (Napalm)

Melodeath from Melbourne with a Progressive edge this quintet have been kicking about for a while now and gathering much love and fists in the air from metal heads who enjoy their extremity with plenty of melody and texture. Opener… Continue Reading →

Skeleton Wolf – S/T (S/R)

Note to self, again, Giz. I keep saying never make assumptions based on band photos; I mean Skeleton Wolf look like they should be called Smoking Green Sun Wizard or something. Well OK, not really but you get my drift…… Continue Reading →

Grand Magus – Sword Songs (Nuclear Blast)

It’s 2016, and it’s time for pure metal warriors Grand Magus to sweep down from the frozen Northlands and lay waste to all before them with their latest offering, the appropriately named ‘Sword Songs’, an album of nine tracks dedicated… Continue Reading →

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