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Karg – Dornenvögel (AOP Records)

It’s been a busy year for the Austrian post-black metal scene. After a brilliant album by Harakiri for the Sky in February and a recent EP by Anomalie, now it’s Karg’s turn to unleash its misery upon the word. All… Continue Reading →

Coldawn – …. In The Dawn (Flowing Downward)

What’s 17,000 km between artistic collaborators in this Internet age? Obviously not a huge amount as the principle artists in this outfit come from Australia and Venezuela. All instruments here are provided by a young Antipodean Brendon Sibraa who has… Continue Reading →

Alcest – Shelter (Prophecy)

Since sowing the seeds of raw sounding black metal back in 2001 with more than respectable demo ‘Tristesse hivernale’, Neige has been growing ever skyward with his project Alcest. Incorporating elements of post rock and shoegaze, Alcest has made music… Continue Reading →

Germ – Grief (Eisenwald)

Yes as far as germs are concerned this is probably the only one that is welcome as I am sitting coughing and spluttering away as I write this. Not that it is any less virulent when it comes to invading… Continue Reading →

Acacia – Tills döden skiljer oss åt (Art Of Propaganda)

This is an album I have been trying to put internet pen to paper down for a while but it keeps making me to come back for another listen and it is not a short album either. Acacia on paper… Continue Reading →

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