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Amberian Dawn

Glasya – Heaven’s Demise (Pride & Joy Music)

Time to don your budgie-smugglers and wade out into the deep waters of Operatic Symphonic Metal with the debut offering from Portuguese band Glasya. This particular sea can get pretty choppy and rather crowded with big fish around, so although… Continue Reading →

Kalidia – The Frozen Throne (Inner Wound )

Italy knows how to do Symphonic Power Metal. Since Rhapsody (Of Fire etc…) blazed a trail back in the mid 90’s it seemed to unleash a plethora of like-minded souls which has continued through to current times. There is generally… Continue Reading →

Dark Sarah – The Golden Moth (Inner Wound)

It’s no secret to anyone who has read some of my reviews on Ave Noctum that I have a bit of a dislike of “Disney-style” ballads within the Symphonic/Melodic Metal genre…so why on earth did I volunteer to review an… Continue Reading →

Deep Sun – Race Against Time (S/R)

It’s always nice to stumble across a new band, even more so when it’s a band of the quality of Deep Sun who somehow are unsigned and really do deserve a proper record deal. What we have here is high-end… Continue Reading →

Scarleth – The Silver Lining (The Leaders Records)

I have a feeling the “tags” at the bottom of this review might end up being longer than the review itself! That’s basically because Ukrainian Metallers Scarleth have it all going on, and just when you think you have them… Continue Reading →

Amberian Dawn – Innuendo (Napalm)

Amberian Dawn will be well known to those with an interest in female fronted symphonic metal, and this, their sixth album (not counting a re-recorded compilation), sees them evolve further still. Hot on the heels of 2014’s “Magic Forest”, the… Continue Reading →

Hautakammio – Pimeyden Valtakunta (Immortal Frost)

My translator seems to be permanently set on Finnish to English at the moment, and once again it came to the rescue as I was able to learn that “Pimeyden Valtakunta” isn’t quite as obscene as it sounds, but translates… Continue Reading →

Solacide – Waves Of Hate (Gravity Entertainment)

Forming as Dim Moonlight back in 1996 and being active with that name until 2004 I guess these Finns decided nobody had seen the light (sorry) and changed their name to Solacide. Chances are you have missed both acts as… Continue Reading →

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