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Völur / Amber Asylum – Breaker of Rings / Blood Switch (Prophecy)

Potentially we have here a temple of weirdness and melancholy as we have a combination of Canadian “doom experimentalists” Völur and San Franciscan “neo-classical ambient collective” Amber Asylum. Reading up on the background, the two bands involved recognise the same… Continue Reading →

Interview – Sanhedrin

We talked to up-and-coming heavy metal trio Sanhedrin from Brooklyn, NYC, currently on tour in Europe. Between the sound check and their show in Vienna, Austria, Erica Stoltz (bass, vocals), Jeremy Sosville (guitar, backing vocals, also of Black Anvil), and… Continue Reading →

Sanhedrin – The Poisoner (Cruz Del Sur)

If you’re middle aged, you’ve probably come to like metal via the classics: Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. If you’re younger, you’ve most likely discovered these bands later, working your way back, so to speak, for you simply… Continue Reading →

Sanhedrin – A Funeral for the World (Cruz Del Sur)

If you like classic, melodic heavy metal and bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Black Sabbath, or if you’ve liked them at one time, you should definitely check out this new band from Brooklyn, NYC. They are excellent. But… Continue Reading →

Lisa Cuthbert – Hextapes (Iron Bonehead)

This album arrived and immediately induced a sense of slight shame that I didn’t know the name Lisa Cuthbert, as she has worked with an extraordinarily wide range of bands from Marillion through The Sisters Of Mercy to Draconian and… Continue Reading →

My Silent Wake – Invitation To Imperfection (Opa Loka)

It’s always good to be reminded that my reputation amongst my less musically anal retentive friends for having an encyclopaedic knowledge of metal is not really deserved. Case in point being doom band My Silent Wake, as to the best… Continue Reading →

Worm Ouroboros – What Graceless Dawn (Profound Lore)

Apparently this Oakland based trio take their moniker from a 1922 fantasy novel by Eric Rucker Eddison. Give it a look on the web if Norse style high fantasy is your thang. With that in mind the listener may be… Continue Reading →

Hammers Of Misfortune – Dead Revolution (Metal Blade)

Hammers Of Misfortune hail from San Francisco, California and have some serious praise behind them. Formed in 2000 with members from across the board, ranging from Amber Asylum, Gwar (live sessionist) and Death Angel, this six piece are ready to… Continue Reading →

Caldera – Centralia (Ancient Battle)

Remember the two instrumental prelude tracks on Cult of Luna’s ‘Eternal Kingdom’ – ‘Österbotten’ and ‘Ugín’? Remember the deep seated sense of anxiety they induced, by bolstering already dark and sinister sounding music with choking, dread filled atmosphere? Imagine if… Continue Reading →

Hell / Amarok – Split (Pesanta Urfolk)

Nope don’t get all excited those of you who like pantomime metal and bangs and explosions on stage, this is not the British NWOBHM Hell. It is a band like Amarok who they share this 2 track split album with… Continue Reading →

Steve Von Till – As The Crow Flies (Neurot)

Hailing from the mists of 2000, this the first solo album by Neurosis man Steve Von Till and is more a “I wonder why now?” re-release than what I’d call a timely one. Neurosis fans will have it or not… Continue Reading →

Arktau Eos – Ioh-Maera + Unworeldes (Svart)

A little break from the Ave Noctum norm this time around. Arktau Ross are a Finnish duo and this pair of odd releases are split between a CD only release and a vinyl release and definitely are my introduction to… Continue Reading →

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