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Delain & cyHra Manchester Ritz 7/2/20

Delain have come a long way since my first encounter with them, back in 2009, at the Femme Metal Festival, housed in The Birmingham Asylum, and I saw the band play to approx. 20 devotees, who must have all been… Continue Reading →

Brothers Of Metal – Prophecy Of Ragnarok (AFM)

So AFM sign a Swedish Power/Heavy Metal band. No big news there. AFM sign a Swedish Power/Heavy Metal band with 8 members – well that’s a bit more out of the ordinary…3 guitarists and 3 vocalists (with a bassist and… Continue Reading →

Amaranthe – Helix (Spinefarm Records)

A crossover between extreme metal and electronic tunes is the ultimate mission for the Swedish giants, Amaranthe, who have unleashed their techno influenced hard rock in this latest release, ‘Helix’ ‘The Score’ opens with a futuristic spoken word piece before… Continue Reading →

Dynazty – Firesign (AFM)

Sometimes association with past experiences can be misleading. A friend of mine lent me a CD by Dynazty a few years back when they were on Spinefarm – “I love this lot…and they sound like Dokken” he raved (not sure… Continue Reading →

Nemesea – Uprise (Napalm)

So, does anyone out there remember the 12 minute closing track on Epica’s last album? It was all technical prowess, grandiose arrangements, big orchestration and complexity. Well forget that – what about if you could have a similar sound but… Continue Reading →

Scarleth – The Silver Lining (The Leaders Records)

I have a feeling the “tags” at the bottom of this review might end up being longer than the review itself! That’s basically because Ukrainian Metallers Scarleth have it all going on, and just when you think you have them… Continue Reading →

Gus G – Brand New Revolution (Century Media)

If you pay any attention to Gus G, the guy who delivers the killer axe work in Ozzy Osbourne’s band you will know that he seems to be a workaholic. His exponential creative energy has seen the guitar maestro do… Continue Reading →

Nergard – A Bit Closer To Heaven (Battlegod)

I really thought that said Nerdgard! I know I’m not alone, you had to double check didn’t you? But before you think the name is some kind of visor for computers, or a bigger kid looking out for the brainy… Continue Reading →

Czech Metal Fest 2015 – Plzen, Amfitéatr Lochotin 7th June 2015

Day Three   With a change in the weather forecast for this day a cooler temperature was welcomed as the ten minute drizzle on the walk down was the only rain we had contrary to the reports and some deluging… Continue Reading →

Crossnail – Sands Of Time (Nightmare Records)

It’s not easy reviewing a two track, especially when one of those two tracks is a cover and the other features a guest vocalist! But that’s what I got, and that’s what I gotta do. Crossnail used to be known… Continue Reading →

Opera Diabolicus – 1614 (Metalville)

Formed after a chance meeting between David Grimoire and Adrian de Crow at a stage performance of Umberto Eco’s book “The Name Of The Rose” the two met up and decided to do a concept album based around the same… Continue Reading →

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