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Doom Over London Part 2 – London Dome 26/3/16

Today things get really busy. Within ten minutes of doors opening a band is on at the Boston Arms Music room, the second they finish another starts upstairs at The Dome. This is the case all day with 4 groups… Continue Reading →

High Priest Of Saturn – Sons of Earth and Sky (Svart)

Music is the TARDIS of non Whovians. Hear me out …..come on….. come back. Like the fictional police box , the recordings of the world’s artists are much larger once explored than the relatively small space they take up (especially… Continue Reading →

Bog Oak – A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife (Svart)

Californian trio Bog Oak are a breath of fresh air for many reasons. For every band jumping on the occult doom bandwagon at the moment, very few manage to achieve it with a shred of originality; but Bog Oak’s blackened… Continue Reading →

Avatarium – ST (Nuclear Blast)

Dooooooom is fun. It is. It gets your head nodding and your bits moving in all the right ways . The guys and gal from Avatarium do Doom and they do it well.  This quintet hail from Stockholm and have… Continue Reading →

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