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Circles – The Last One (Season of Mist)

Circles first came to me this year when I saw that they were coming all the way from Australia along with compatriots Caligula’s Horse to play at ProgPower Europe. “The Last One” is their second album release after “Infinitas” (2013)…. Continue Reading →

Servers – Everything is OK (Undergroove Records)

“Well I know what I just said. For those of you who came with us, everything is OK” intones the voice and just like that this sophomore provides the perfect link to their debut and we’re off. Having shown us… Continue Reading →

Red Eleven – Collect Your Scars (Lifeforce)

There’s certainly an early 90’s vibe about Red Eleven’s sound. The soulful mid-range vocals and inimitable groove that runs throughout their third album “Collect Your Scars” is very indicative of that era, but Red Eleven are from Finland…and that means… Continue Reading →

Bauda – Sporelight (Temple of Torturous)

This is an interesting project from Bauda, a progressive rocker from Chile. In it he collaborates with Rene Rutten of The Gathering. After a dramatic opening, “Vigil” is one of the most transfixing progressive tracks I’ve heard. It has that… Continue Reading →

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