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Therapy? – Cleave (Marshall Records)

We live in troubled times, that’s for sure, and who better to help guide us through the stormy waters, but the troubled mind of Andy Cairns, and the razor-sharp riffs and rhythms of Therapy? Following on from their 2015 melodic… Continue Reading →

Korea – Abiogenesis (Vicisolum Records)

Now, be honest. Have you spent the last seven years in anticipation of Korea’s new album? I confess that I hadn’t, contrary to the claim that seven years of waiting is over. In fact I didn’t know about Korea, who… Continue Reading →

Crystal Fairy – S/T (Ipecac)

Although I’m a little reticent to use the term “Alt. Supergroup” anywhere in this review… Here we have, the self-titled debut album from Crystal Fairy, an (…Aw, fuck it…) alt. supergroup comprising of King Buzzo and Dale Crover from The… Continue Reading →

Broken Hand Charity – Gotterdammerung (S/R)

Danish outfit, Broken Hand Charity have been kicking about since 2008 and have always done their own thing their own way. Currently in the middle of recruiting for a drummer and a bassist, the Danish alternative rock outfit have a… Continue Reading →

Sun, Rain In Life – 96/4 (S/R)

Greece have gave me some interesting bands to listen to over the past 18 months, the two most notable being Speedblow, a five piece melodic death metal come stoner groove metal band and progressive metallers Mother of Millions whose debut… Continue Reading →

Baron – Torpor (Svart)

Quoting the legendary Talk Talk in your bio is always going to pique my interest, let’s be honest – so it was with some sense of expectation that I plunged Baron into my ears. They’re an intriguing proposition it must… Continue Reading →

Birdeatsbaby, Gabby Young & Death In Texas – London Black Heart 18/6/15

It’s very colourful walking into The Black Heart this evening with a display of trippy feathered jewellery, masks and old photos on display at the side of the room. It’s still fairly thin on the ground but things have a… Continue Reading →

Devo – Hardcore Devo Live! (Wienerworld)

Tonight, live on stage for your audio and video entertainment here at the Fox Theater in Oakland California, all the way from the Rubber Capital of the World in the Buckeye state…..DEVO! (The actual concert does not start that way)… Continue Reading →

Kontrust – Explositive (Napalm)

I quite like cocktails. Not all the time mind. Let’s not go overboard, I am English not Floridian. Once in a while though it is nice to sip from a glass that contains a surprising mix of elements that refreshes… Continue Reading →

Primus – Primus And The Chocolate Factory (ATO / Prawn Song Records)

Not many bands have released albums throughout one decade, skipped one, then returned to release more in the next. But then Primus are no ordinary band. And here they are with their original line-up (frontman Les Claypool, guitarist Larry LaLonde… Continue Reading →

Ides of Gemini – Old World New Wave (Neurot)

From the off, this album simply screams ‘now’ – a wistful, female-fronted power trio delivering arcane-tinged, esoteric hymns through the medium of ethereal vocals, quasi-tribal percussion and metal-tinged riffing from the (obligatory) big-bearded guitarist. Cloaked in an autumnal ambience and… Continue Reading →

Krigsgrav – The Carrion Fields (Naturmacht)

I’m more partial to a bit of atmospheric folk black metal than the average metal man in the street – but you have to quickly develop a quality filter. I mean, there’s a lot of it about and there are… Continue Reading →

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