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End Christian – Bach part One (Translation Loss / Internet & Weed / Corpse Flower Records)

Trip Hop is a funny beast. As sludge is to NOLA the heady mix of rhythmic dance, hip hop and electronica slithered from Bristol in the 90’s. How strange to hear it’s influence so heavy in End Christian. This is… Continue Reading →

Poptone – S/T (Cleopatra Records)

Arthouse, post punk, proto Goth, Alternative rock whatever you want to call them Northampton’s Bauhaus sent a shockwave around the world with their look and sense of drama, both visually and sonically.  Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins (AKA Kevin Dompe) went… Continue Reading →

Feature & Interview Alt-Fest

There is a clue in the name and Alt-Fest is very much the alternative festival that we in the UK could only have dreamed about a few years ago. It was then that announcements were made telling us about this… Continue Reading →

History Of Guns – Whatever You Do, Don’t Turn Up At Twelve (Line Out Records)

History Of Guns are a band of somewhat eccentric oddballs who first caught my attention on Godreah Records ‘Contains No Holy Additives’ compilations as well as the label’s Hawkwind Tribute ‘Daze Of The Underground’ where they covered Angels / Magnu…. Continue Reading →

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