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Footprints In The Custard – A New Low (S/R)

One of the core concepts in Thrash Metal is how fun it is. Sure, you can be all serious like Slayer, Metallica (pre-1991) and Megadave are, but Anthrax were the band who managed to bring the fun with their infectious… Continue Reading →

Tortuga – When The Shit Hits The Fan (Black Chest Records)

Aha! It’s my own personal talk like a pirate day, again, and despite my misgivings about this whole alleged genre and the need to have a serious word with Alestorm, I find myself swabbing the decks and splicing the main… Continue Reading →

Alestorm – No Grave But The Sea (Napalm)

The one and only heavy metal pirates of Alestorm have crashed upon our shores once more with their 5th full length album: “No Grave But The Sea”! It’s been 3 years since their last opus “Sunset On The Golden Age”… Continue Reading →

Tortuga – Pirate’s Bride (S/R)

Ah-haaar me hearties, splice the main-brace, shiver me timbers, bury the booty and send Woodleg Willy over here to give me a jolly Roger. Yes, once more we set sail under the most contrived of metal sub-genres since Vondur tried… Continue Reading →

Varg – Rotkäppchen (Napalm)

This release has been designated as an EP but clocks in at 48 minutes and is the first release by this German band in three years. Decked out in red and black paint for their promo shots they have crafted… Continue Reading →

Gloryhammer – Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards (Napalm)

Gloryhammer are not for the faint of heart. This isn’t because their music is intensely heavy or anything, but because they sing tales of legendary and epic proportions about the saviour of the intergalactic empire, Angus McFife. For those unfamiliar… Continue Reading →

Heidevolk – Velua (Napalm)

There’s no messing around with twiddly, whimsical intros for Dutch Pagan Metallers Heidevolk. Nope, opening track ‘Winter Woede’ piles straight in there, brimming with their own special brand of Tyr-tinged, Ensiferum-edged Viking Metal that they have been crafting and honing… Continue Reading →

Glittertind – Djevelsvart (Indie)

I find that one of the interesting things about the whole “Folk Metal” genre (and sub-genres thereof) is that each band has a slightly different take on it than their fellow acts. It’s a genre that you would think is… Continue Reading →

For Ruin – Ater Angellus (SR)

If there is one band guaranteed to get me excited about a review, it’s For Ruin. You see, gentle reader, way back in 2004, they were one of the first (if not the) first review that I did for the… Continue Reading →

Lonewolf – The Fourth And Final Horseman (Napalm)

As the name suggests, Lonewolf owe plenty in style to original German Pirateers Running Wild (‘Lonewolf’ being one of RW’s better known tracks of course), which I have to admit is an area of Power Metal that I’m quite partial… Continue Reading →

Gloryhammer – Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife

Alestorm fans, considering the slightly ludicrous nature of that band’s twisted pirate metal, will probably already have a good sense of humour – guilty as charged, m’Lord. They will have taken note of the emergence of Christopher Bowes’ (Alestorm’s vox… Continue Reading →

Incursed – Fimbulwinter (SR)

Viking Metal bands have been ten-a-penny for some time, to the extent that to discover a NEW band of marauders is becoming tiring. One feels for Athelstan or Alfred the Great who had them popping up ad nauseam. God save… Continue Reading →

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