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The Wraith – Gloom Ballet (Southern Lord)

The holiday season is approaching, and The Wraith from Los Angeles with one Brit among them are evoking some ghosts of the past in good old British Christmas tradition fashion. Settled somewhere between goth rock, punk and post-punk Gloom Ballet… Continue Reading →

Hipoxia – Rvinae Ira, Creans Rvina Eo Tempore Est – Monvmentvm ab Khaos II (The Way Of The Hermit)

Blimey that’s a mouthful of a title and we haven’t even heard part 1. Luckily that does not seem to have mattered for the task at hand and first impressions of this Spanish group have been more than favourable. No… Continue Reading →

Megaton Leviathan – Mage (Blood Music)

I have a question. Are we finally reaching the point in time where genres are pointless? I mean, sure classify something as Rock, Classical, Hip Hop, Jazz if you want but to break it down further is a little like… Continue Reading →

Eerie – S/T (Tee Pee Records)

Don’t be tricked by the cover. Or maybe I’d better say don’t be put off by the cover. Despite appearances, Eerie is no Toxic Avenger worshipping, zombie-obsessed, disposable thrash metal band. Maybe it works with the music on some level… Continue Reading →

Alaric – End Of Mirrors (Neurot)

I have been keeping my beady ears on Alaric since their debut self released album in 2011 and follow up split with Atriarch the year later. In my opinion they are one of the most authentic sounding groups who tread… Continue Reading →

Noothgrush / Coffins – Split (Southern Lord)

A Wocket in your Pocket. A  Yeps on your Steps . These both may seem alarming enough. But a Noothgrush on your toothgrush??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell no. Good old Dr Seuss . Not only did he give us some of the most… Continue Reading →

Trillion Red – Metaphere (badGod Music)

Trillion Red and the man behind them Patrick Brown are back with a debut album following on from last years EP taster ‘Two Tongues.’ Said EP slightly confused me although on the whole I certainly enjoyed it whilst saying I… Continue Reading →

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