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Dronte – Quelque part entre la guerre et la lâcheté (Apathia)

Seven musicians create some sort of fusion. With a double bass and a saxophone in tow, the Beatles, Russian Circles, Napalm Death, Meshuggah and Rimsky-Korsakov are amongst many from many classical and modern pop and metal genres who get mentioned… Continue Reading →

Bad Tripes – Splendeurs et Viscères (S/R)

The story goes that this album arose from a desire to avoid the torpor of summer. I don’t know how true that is but it’s now summer and here is Bad Tripes’s second album. Reminding me of fellow French group… Continue Reading →

Radiance – Undying Diabolyca (My Kingdom)

Well apparently as I sit down to write this it is International Women’s Day which is apt as this album is conceptually driven by the feminine figure represented by (and I am using the labels words here) “archetypes such as… Continue Reading →

ProgPower Europe – Part 3 – Sun 7th October – Baarlo, Holland

Sunday was a cold and chilly day. Some Progpeople went for a run in the morning, while others just … chilled out. First up at the JC Sjiwa club today was Atlantis from the host country. An electro-ambient rhythm ran… Continue Reading →

Uncontrollable Urge – Dirge (Casket Music)

Italians Uncontrollable Urge have a good hour to treat us to their “chaotic plot of genres” in which the audience is transported “a parallel dimension where irony mitigates all drama and anger that dominate their music”. Talk of such potential… Continue Reading →

Akphaezya – Anthology IV: The Tragedy Of Nerak (Code 666)

The last and debut album by French and hard to pronounce band Akphaezya fair did my noggin in back in 2008. It was a mad mixture of all sorts of styles, thrown together in a melting pot of confusion but whilst… Continue Reading →

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