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Dynamite – Big Bang (Dynamite Productions)

Who likes AC/DC? Thought so. Pretty much all of you had a hand up then didn’t you? ….apart from that weird lad at the back with the skin tight “factory ripped” black jeans, lumberjack shirt, complicated hair and cultured beard…..fuck… Continue Reading →

Download Festival 2017 – Donington Park 11/6/17

Sunday 11th June 2017 review only. Download is always a marmite festival for me, it either has loads on offer to draw my interest, or it is a weekend, I will happily swerve at a blink of an eye. While… Continue Reading →

Mammoth Mammoth – Mount the Mountain (Napalm Records)

If you’ve ever caught Mammoth Mammoth in the past, whether by playing their records or attending a gig, you know that they have a pretty tried and true formula, which is why you will be massively surprised by their new… Continue Reading →

Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard – Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll (Napalm)

With a moniker that sounds like a collaboration between the Discovery Channel and SyFy come these rock and roll outlaws from Melbourne.  Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll like the band name is a mish-mash of styles.  J Fuller from Blood Duster… Continue Reading →

Convent Guilt – Guns For Hire (Cruz Del Sur )

Think of Australia, think of rock music, and probably the first, and for some only, band you’ll think of would be veteran stadium fillers AC/DC, or maybe their young clones, sorry, potential successors Airbourne.  To be added to that list… Continue Reading →

Airbourne – Rockhal, Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg 17/07/14

Ah, the return of Airbourne. In a little over four years they’ve hit this particular venue as many times. The last time I caught them was the second of these occasions in late 2010 on the ‘No Guts, No Glory’… Continue Reading →

Dynamite – Blackout Station (High Roller Records)

Sweden have a knack for turning out bands which excel in metal and hard rock. Whether this is to do with something in the air or water which I mentioned previously with regards to the Scandinavian metal scene or whether… Continue Reading →

Blackbird – Of Heroes And Enemies (Pure Rock)

I suspect that this may ruffle some feathers but from the first crash of a chord here, there is a question that needs to be squared up to. Philosophy 101: If Airbourne took a template from a thirty year old… Continue Reading →

Hornet – Skies Are Falling (SED Records)

Hmm. Well I do like a bit of hard rock with my metal now and then, just to keep things spiced up, so I was happy to get this debut from London based rockers Hornet to round out a pretty… Continue Reading →

Sonisphere France, Amnéville, 09/06/2013 Day 2

Weather predictions for the second day spoke of rain, and indeed where I live there certainly had been some, along with an all out storm. Travelling the thirty or so kilometres to the venue, it came as somewhat of a… Continue Reading →

Dynamite – Lock N Load (Denomination Records)

Bon Scott was an icon; he was and still is one of my most inspired frontmen that sadly are no longer with us. So I hear of this Swedish band Dynamite who have a style and singer that is very… Continue Reading →

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