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After Forever

Northward – S/T (Nuclear Blast)

I reckon so many reviews of this album are going to start along the lines of “What would you expect from a project between guitarist Jorn Viggo Lofstad of Prog/Power Metal band Pagan’s Mind and virtuoso power vocalist supreme Floor… Continue Reading →

MaYan – Dhyana (Nuclear Blast)

MaYan are back and still have the symphonic mastermind of Mark Jansen at the helm, although this time he has mixed things up and thrown in the absolute juggernaut that is The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Dhyana is the… Continue Reading →

Vuur – In This Moment We Are Free – Cities (Inside Out)

Anneke Van Giersbergen is a household name across the globe for any self-respecting metal head who leans towards the more symphonic brand of the metal world, and Anneke is back. This time she is flanked by some of the most… Continue Reading →

Diabulus In Musica – Dirge For The Archons (Napalm)

In Symphonic Metal circles it’s hard to find a more diverse and all encompassing band than Diabulus In Musica and this Spanish band look set to cram even more in with their 4th album sporting the come-and-buy-me title of “Dirge… Continue Reading →

Epica – The Holographic Principle (Nuclear Blast)

A new Epica album is an event. The band put in so much time, thought and effort to write and record it that I feel a comparable amount of time, thought and effort needs to go into reviewing it. So… Continue Reading →

Evergrey – The Storm Within (AFM)

2014’s “Hymns For The Broken” was a very important release for Evergrey. They nearly called it quits, but managed to find the inspiration and desire to carry on…and then delivered what was probably their best and most complete album to… Continue Reading →

Nemesea – Uprise (Napalm)

So, does anyone out there remember the 12 minute closing track on Epica’s last album? It was all technical prowess, grandiose arrangements, big orchestration and complexity. Well forget that – what about if you could have a similar sound but… Continue Reading →

Xandria – Fire and Ashes (Napalm)

It’s Xandria’s turn to release one of these extended EP type things that Napalm are so keen on as a fill-in between albums. We are treated to 3 new songs 2 re-recordings and a cover. There are actually TWO cover… Continue Reading →

Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Nuclear Blast)

When Nightwish and Tarja parted company all those years ago, every fan of the band had an idea of who they would like to see as the new vocalist for Nightwish. There was one name in particular that kept cropping… Continue Reading →

Divine Ascension – Liberator (ViciSolum)

“Why do you always make a point of saying Female-fronted in your reviews?” a friend of mine commented recently. “Because you don’t say Male-fronted Metal do you?” continued my friend (rapidly hurtling toward the rank of acquaintance…). Despite me thinking… Continue Reading →

Delain – The Human Contradiction (Napalm)

Sometimes a band starts off well and goes down a path that seems correct at the time, but three albums down the line they start to sound constricted, trapped and a little unoriginal. That, for me, was Delain. Stuck with… Continue Reading →

MaYan – Antagonise (Nuclear Blast)

There are some types of music, sub-genres of metal in particular it seems, that either really turn people on or put them off completely. The highly bombastic and overblown metal on display here may indeed have a polarising effect on… Continue Reading →

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