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Heretic Cult Redeemer – Kelevsma (Shadow Records / Regain Records)

I had all but forgotten about Greek mob Heretic Cult Redeemer until desperately trying to find space in black metal towers (ie my CD racking) and attempting to fit the recent Hermóðr album in them, when their debut came tumbling… Continue Reading →

Nightbringer – Terra Damnata (Season of Mist)

It’s time to get out your black, burning candelabras and best laying chickens ready to be slaughtered because ’tis the season of occult black metal and Nightbringer is back. With our very own Martin Harris quite rightly lauding the excellent… Continue Reading →

Acrimonious – Eleven Dragons (WTC Productions)

My poor attention span groaned inwardly when I saw the duration of this third album by Greek black metallers Acrimonious, an act unfamiliar to me but not any longer as this opus is one of staggering brilliance. Confidence pours from… Continue Reading →

Thy Darkened Shade – Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet (WTC)

There are always big hints put about by black metal bands suggesting the worship of dark gods. But very few musicians wear their black hearts so prominently on their sleeves as the driving force behind Thy Darkened Shade. Semjaza is… Continue Reading →

Heretic Cult Redeemer – ST (Hellthrasher)

Don’t get too concerned about the band name it is neither an album title that got missed by Dimmu Borgir nor a sinister religious order who want to win over heretics and idolaters to their way of thinking. What we… Continue Reading →

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