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GWAR – Blood Of Gods (Metal Blade)

It can’t have been an easy decision to carry on after the tragic death of Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus at all. After all he was the alien in chief behind GWAR since they formed even if Sleazy Martini tried… Continue Reading →

Dynamite – Big Bang (Dynamite Productions)

Who likes AC/DC? Thought so. Pretty much all of you had a hand up then didn’t you? ….apart from that weird lad at the back with the skin tight “factory ripped” black jeans, lumberjack shirt, complicated hair and cultured beard…..fuck… Continue Reading →

Mammoth Mammoth – Mount the Mountain (Napalm Records)

If you’ve ever caught Mammoth Mammoth in the past, whether by playing their records or attending a gig, you know that they have a pretty tried and true formula, which is why you will be massively surprised by their new… Continue Reading →

The Ghost of Lovers – S/T (Angels in Exile)

These are recordings from about 1991, the entire arsenal of a band that would sit somewhere between the bands of that time I got exposed to like Dogs D’Amour, The Quireboys and Hanoi Rocks. Its only rock and roll, but… Continue Reading →

Monolith – Mountain (Final Gate Records)

The whole retro thing is quite big at the moment. Bands like Kadavar, Graveyard and Horisont are names we see quite often because they do it well. Obviously, the key to success is not pure imitation, but taking those late… Continue Reading →

Flayed – Monster Man (Klonosphere)

Six piece retro-rock outfit Flayed hail from the southeast of France and have one mission – to bring the highlights of the 70’s rock sound to our modern era. Taking a 40+ year old sound and style of playing and… Continue Reading →

’77 – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us (Century Media)

Hands up who when asked where to get a dose of seventies hard rock instantly thinks “Barcelona!” Nobody? Well, me neither folks, but hailing from that beautiful city and founded by the vocal and guitar duo of the Valetta brothers,… Continue Reading →

Jackson Firebird – Shake The Breakdown (Napalm)

Aussie noisemaking duo Jackson Firebird have a real unique spin on the two piece band which was rather popular round the turn of the 2000’s. Using the age old guitarist and drummer with both handling vocal duty formula, they mix… Continue Reading →

AC/DC, Vintage Trouble, Wembley Stadium, 4/7/15

Wembley is a place I have always wanted to go, and not just purely for music reasons either. I’m an Everton fan, so naturally I can count on one hand the number of times we have managed to make it… Continue Reading →

The Answer, Bad Touch, The Picture Books – Liverpool Arts Club 17/03/2015

St Patrick’s Day is the one day of the year you can both love and equally detest. Whilst it has a great party-like atmosphere, the amount of ‘plastic paddies’ who parade the streets in cheap green/white/orange wigs or Guinness hats… Continue Reading →

The Answer – Raise A Little Hell (Napalm)

When I first heard The Answer back in 2009 when they opened for AC/DC, I wasn’t that impressed, but then again, they supported AC/DC, it would take a lot to get my attention at a gig like that. Six years… Continue Reading →

Wolfpakk – Rise Of The Animal (AFM)

Ah, Wolfpakk, so we meet again…and my, what big teeth you have! I had the honour of reviewing their previous outing “Cry Wolf” in 2013, which on the whole was very good (if I ignore the Michael Bolton meets Disney… Continue Reading →

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