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Interview – DiabolicuM

When it comes to Sweden’s industrial/black metal pioneers Diabolicum, and especially their rampaging latest disc ‘Ia Pazuzu’, utterly negative adjectives are all that can describe them. Given the opportunity to pick the brains of founding member Sasrof, it came as… Continue Reading →

Interview – Mysticum

This interview was originally conducted for Iron Fist Magazine which is now out and available in all good newsagents and online. Check out the link at the bottom and grab a copy of the most unadulterated metal mag you will… Continue Reading →

Darkspace – III I (Avantgarde)

Ahh Darkspace. This is one release I’d be waiting on for a very long time (since their last album ‘III’ in 2008, in fact), and finally here it is in all its glory. For those who are unaware, Darkspace are… Continue Reading →

N.K.V.D. – Hakmarrja (Avantgarde)

Particularly grim and potent industrial dark art here from this French entity with a penchant for all things totalitarian and Russian. They adopt their name for a start after Stalin’s secret police and their music is equally oppressive and as… Continue Reading →

Mysticum – Planet Satan (Peaceville)

Mysticum are a band who made their name off the back of one album, an album which took industrial soundscapes and infused cosmic black metal into it, a cubic fuckton of evil and an overdose of class A drug abuse,… Continue Reading →

Deconstructing Sequence – Access Code (S/R)

Following closely to last year’s 3 track EP ‘Year One’ comes the second EP from extreme progression experts Deconstructing Sequence. This time they only serve us with two tracks (clocking in at around 16 minutes in total runtime), but what… Continue Reading →

Throne Of Molok – Beat Of Apocalypse (Eternal Tombs)

Despite its somewhat unwieldy title I really enjoyed Italian band Throne Of Molok’s debut album ‘Chtonian A.E.O.N. 1010011010.’ Hell it even arrived with a cardboard cut-out gas mask suggesting cyber terror was about to be unleashed and indeed it lived… Continue Reading →

Invertia – Another Scheme Of The Wicked (Ohm Resistance)

I had my beady eye on this for a while from the never ending list of digital review requests, wanting to get at it but not having the time. The allure of a biog mentioning Gorgoroth and Skinny Puppy in… Continue Reading →

Mysticum – Lost Masters Of The Universe (Peaceville)

Our paths should certainly have crossed a lot more as Mysticum are innovators who were responsible for combing two of my favourite types of music namely black metal (of the Norwegian persuasion) and industrial. However this is the only recorded… Continue Reading →

Cold Cell – Generation Abomination (Gravity Entertainment)

Clocking the band name and album title I instantly had an idea in my head that this lot were going to be filthy cyber black metal in line with the likes of Aborym and Blacklodge. Of course I was partly… Continue Reading →

Temple Nightside – Condemnation (Nuclear Winter Records)

“Ritualistic Death Metal Necromancy” is what they call this. That’s Metal of Death rather then the genre, I’d say. This thoroughly blackened slab from Australia is as black as it gets – hissing prophets in blackened corridors of hopelessness and… Continue Reading →

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