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Abduction – Jehanne (Finisterian Dead End)

As far as I can recall, there are five metal bands called Abduction and I wasn’t sure which one this was when I put my hand up for the review so I was pleased to learn that this was the… Continue Reading →

Warhorns Festival – Rotherham The Trades 31/8/19

Day 2 Bugger. I mess up timings and so me and the rest of the Last Of The Summer Wine cast can’t stop for decent food at the one nice cafe we found. Although bizarrely someone bought a painting on… Continue Reading →

Abduction – Une Ombre Régit les Ombres (Finisterian Dead End)

“Autumnal black metal” is the designation given to this work by French band Abduction. I guess that means the array of colours, shorter days turning into longer nights, wind, storms and the spirit of the album’s title which translates as… Continue Reading →

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