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Bison – You are not the Ocean you are the Patient (Pelagic Records)

My first encounter with Bison, this – which, I must hasten to add is not the early 80’s American heavy metal band, but the troupe from British Columbia. I didn’t know that they had formerly been signed to Metal Blade… Continue Reading →

Battlecross – Rise To Power (Metal Blade)

The album title for this fourth full length is a bold statement but typifies a band whose learning curve has been short but hectic in drawing in new listeners. Having loosely followed the band for about four years their brand… Continue Reading →

Bloodshot Dawn – Demons (S/R)

I think it’s fair to say that up to here UK melodic death thrashers Bloodshot Dawn have been executing a textbook perfect ‘how to grow your band’ plan. Demo, EP, well received self released debut, lots of good to great… Continue Reading →

Crisix – Rise… And Rest (Apostasy)

Crisix, Spanish thrashers, used to be called Crysys but apparently were forced to change their name by EA the publishers of the computer bench testing franchise…er… computer game franchise of the same name. Which is kinda fun in a Sarah… Continue Reading →

Monsterworks– Earth (Eat Lead and Die Music)

Monsterworks are a slippery bunch in a good way in that not only do they experiment quite wildly with musical genres but also with a very refreshing and intelligent approach to subject matter. Whilst the music may occasionally suggest traditional… Continue Reading →

Battlecross – War Of Will (Metal Blade)

Recently I purchased this bands debut album “Pursuit Of Honor” and was thoroughly satisfied with their brand of screaming thrash with tons of groove and top end making it a weighty release. My anticipation of this sophomore effort was high… Continue Reading →

Edge Of Attack – ST (Spread The Metal)

Alberta, Canada is the stamping ground of new power metal hopefuls Edge Of Attack. Featuring some names that the more parochial of us may find a little curious (Dallas Dyck foremost and two people with the actually rather lovely name… Continue Reading →

Interview – Overkill

It’s late on a Sunday and Overkill are in town. For those who missed their brief gig at the 100 club a couple of months back, the full European tour is now in progress, the band were also taking in… Continue Reading →

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