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George Caley

George Caley

Joined on: February 15th, 2018


My introduction to Metal and all things alternative came at the age of 11. I was already beginning to enjoy music and was soon pointed in the direction of Iron Maiden and Motorhead. A love of music developed from here delving into all manner of genres over the years as well as regularly attending gigs. By the time I was 16 I moved onto the heavier side of the Metallic die. It was at this point that I also wanted to give something back to the music world, I'd already failed at playing an instrument and so looked to reviewing. I started a YouTube channel in 2010 under the name ThatzNOTmetaL and over the next 5 years created a wealth of content, my music taste however was still expanding. After numerous changes and so forth I diversified into written media via a short lived e-zine called Eargore which in 2016 became a blog called Gore Crazy. Over the years I've learnt a lot about music and reviewing in general, so really I've now got my wish to give something back to the world of music that I adore.

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