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Born in Liverpool and brought up on a healthy dose of classic rock, glam rock and hair metal, I could sing "The Jack" by AC/DC word for word as a 5 year old much to everyone's amusement. Fast-forward a few years to age 14 and I've re-connected with my rock roots after a few questionable friends and influences. I got into metal via Nu-Metal at the end of the 90's and the turning point was getting a copy of "Reign in Blood" for my 16th birthday. Since then it's been metal all the way with a steady course of beer and Jack Daniels to compliment it. Thrash is the go to genre for me, but I also have an appreciation of prog metal, classic rock, hard rock, power metal, death metal and stoner rock. Anything which has a great guitar sound or a groove you just have to bang your head to goes down well for me too. I play guitar and bass, mostly for the enjoyment of hassling the neighbours but I'd much rather be in the pit than on stage playing to it. As much as I love playing, listening to music is my passion as is expanding my ever growing music library. At a gig I will no doubt be the one trying to down the pint in my hand whilst palming all my things onto my better half so I can run headfirst into the pit.

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