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Lily Randall

Lily Randall

Joined on: April 6th, 2014


In my eyes, there really is nothing better than stumbling upon a band that causes you to scrunch up your face and nod in pure delight. Thanks to a passion for writing, my teenage years were spent scouring the pages of metal mags, swooning over journalists' way with words and simultaneously finding bands to hunt down to fangirl over (I mean, interview). Black, thrash, doom and their hybrids get me going but death metal has a special place in my heart, so much so that I have a tortoise named Chuck Shelldiner. Writing for an array of publications over the years including Iron Fist, Terrorizer, Soundshock, Metal-Rules and Devolution, gigs have become a weekly routine and you'll find me weeping over at the merch stall because a vinyl doesn't come in colour or platter formats. I'm at my most content when at festivals, clutching a bottle of value vodka and running from stage to stage to watch as much as possible before I pass out.

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