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Mark Eve

Mark Eve

Joined on: October 24th, 2013


Having been bollocked by my old man for breaking his antique ‘stereogram’ with Ozzy’s ‘Bark At The Moon’ in 1984, I decided a life of metal worship was for me! Likewise, after watching Zombie Flesheaters as a kid (early 80’s pre certification combined with an easily had over mum) and convincing myself that a zombie was more than likely in my wardrobe all night – a long and turbulent love affair with horror began. And I say turbulent as I regularly upset my horror geek mates by telling them Argento’s movies are all overrated shite. (You’d think they’d caught me fingering their mum when I tell them that). I’m a big fan of thrash, death metal, and er….. proper 80’s poodle rock (love you Ratt) and Motorhead are the best band in the world. Not a fan of tinny ‘recorded on a mono tape deck….. in a biscuit tin…… in the woods’ kvlt black metal.

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