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Joined on: February 3rd, 2013


How to describe me and my music? Now 44 in 2014, I've been listening to hard rock and metal for over three decades. My first post classical musical memory is going through my mum's vinyl collection (ask your parents about the historical reference; vinyl's like an MP3 on a flat bit of plastic you had to pay for and turn over to hear in its entirety) and finding and playing Cream, Maria Muldur, The Who and The Stones. After that, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath followed hard and fast, and my first proper gig was Motorhead in Manchester over 30 years ago in a now non existent venue where cheap cider and sweat dripped from the walls. Fast forward to now, and rock and metal are still the musical forms that keep my morale alive. Despite decades of live thrash and pit destruction with my rugby player/sumo build, for the last few years my treats have been traditional metal, stoner, and doom gigs. To raise my morale, I just simply crank out traditional hard rock and metal. Whenever I can, me and my baggy shorts (thank you Anthrax and a circulation that would be the envy of polar bears) will be at gigs and festivals the year around, most recently at such treats as Saint Vitus, Crowbar, Orange Goblin, Uncle Acid, and Black Moth. Embrace and celebrate your music folks; it's been with me for pretty much 35 years, and it can be with you too.

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