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Angela Davey

Angela Davey

Joined on: January 26th, 2013


If you've hazy memory of a short skinny girl with a mane of dreadlocks either scowling at you or spilling a pint on you at a gig, that was probably me, and I can only apologise. My preferred genres of music are doom and black metal; I frequent the London gig circuits for both. I have 10 years of writing experience under my belt and I am currently a content editor for Ghost Cult Magazine, as well as a scribe for both Terrorizer and Soundshock. My dreams and aspirations involve becoming editor of either my own publication or a pre-existing one (power is power, after all) and to bring the underground music scene the recognition and praise that it so rightfully deserves. I collect cats, patches and band shirts. Mine's an ale, if you're buying.

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