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Luci Herbert

Luci Herbert

Joined on: June 20th, 2012


With no musical talent and a complete lack of interest in the real world, I found my way into the industry via promotions. Soon realising it was not for me, I regrouped my efforts into creating a webzine to promote the music I love and discovered that words came easier to me than the patience to deal with band egos. I have a really useful degree in media and journalism from the University Of Huddersfield (where I specialised in film censorship in my final year), and as well as being editor of Ave Noctum, I write for Zero Tolerance magazine and previously introduced extreme metal to Teletext before the recession hit. I am drawn towards music with atmosphere, whether that be black metal, gothic rock, doom, industrial, dubstep or psychedelic trance, and have a soft spot for old school thrash metal. Aside from music, I enjoy seeking out the sickest, vilest offerings of cinematic filth known to man, skulking around forests and cemeteries in the dark and usually with my camera…or an axe, sticking pieces of metal through my skin, eating human flesh and generally being the sickest, vilest misanthropic c*** I can be.

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