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Interview - Dautha

Interview – Dautha

Swedish doomsters Dautha set the great bell tolling with their demo almost two years ago which was at long last followed with a full release last month. Brethren of the Black Soil fulfilled expectations of an epic doom event as well as including plenty for.. Read More
R.I.P. Killjoy - Archive Horror Interview with Necrophagia Frontman

R.I.P. Killjoy – Archive Horror Interview with Necrophagia Frontman

It can be a real shock to the system when anyone passes away especially when it is someone you admire from afar. Necrophagia was the real deal. The ultimate combination of the two things I love the most, horror and extreme music and their frontman.. Read More
Interview - Summoning

Interview – Summoning

We recently conducted a survey to discover where extreme metal musicians liked to go on holiday. We found that those of a death metal persuasion favoured places such as Innsmouth and Dunwich; unfortunately many are never seen again. As far as your average black-packer is.. Read More
Interview - Atragon

Interview – Atragon

For me, 2017 saw a bit of a dry spell for first class Sludge. With the arguable Kings, with a capital “K”, of the sound Crowbar still touring their excellent 2016 offering,“The Serpent Only Lies”, whilst there was a good number of solid EP’s to.. Read More
Interview - Twelve Boar

Interview – Twelve Boar

Ladies and gents, many in the world of metal, particularly the extreme side of things that Ave Noctum regularly feature, can sometimes be seen from the outside world (and pretentious insiders too!) as “grimm”, “kvlt”, and total strangers to the idea of anything that is.. Read More
Interview - Deinonychus

Interview – Deinonychus

  Landing at the tail end of last year ‘Ode to Acts of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide’ was an album that wrapped up 2017 with a more than healthy blast of negativity. One could be forgiven for having all but forgotten about Dutch band Deinonychus.. Read More
Albums Of The Year 2017

Albums Of The Year 2017

PETE WOODS (EDITOR): TOP 20 As others will re-iterate it’s been a crazy year for good music releases and anyone who tells you otherwise is quite frankly a fool. The biggest problem has been keeping up with it all and admittedly we are probably all.. Read More
Interview- Clouds Taste Satanic

Interview- Clouds Taste Satanic

If any readers have had the misfortune to read my reviews on a regular basis, you may have noticed that for the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen to review the music of Brooklyn’s instrumental self-described “Satanic Stoner Demonic Doom” act.. Read More
Interview - Solar Sons

Interview – Solar Sons

Ave Noctum is to a large extent reflective of the underground scene of the music it reports on and supports; no funding or sponsorship, self-produced and financed, and living outside the all encompassing and smothering blanket of popular culture. One band that encapsulates that ethos.. Read More
Interview - Samael

Interview – Samael

Swiss statesmen Samael have a long and illustrious career stretching back three decades. Things have been a bit on the quiet side for them following the release of Lux Mundi back in 2011 but now there is a flurry of activity, a belting new album.. Read More
Interview - Leon Low (NonserviaM, Dissectomy, Weot Skam)

Interview – Leon Low (NonserviaM, Dissectomy, Weot Skam)

Malaysian metal has an enthusiastic following, but it’s fair to say that not much is known about it in Europe. To gain some insight, Andrew Doherty interviewed Leon Low to ask him about his bands, his vision and the way the metal scene works in.. Read More
Interview - Bloody Hammers

Interview – Bloody Hammers

They’re creepy and they’re kooky mysterious and spooky. Nope let’s not go down that route even if their world is a little on the strange and horrific side. Bloody Hammers consist of Anders Magna and Devallia who pass their time making dark, gothic doom music,.. Read More