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Interview - Mirrors For Psychic Warfare

Interview – Mirrors For Psychic Warfare

There is doubtfully a more dynamic duo than the likes of Scott Kelly and Sanford Park – Kelly is busy with Neurosis, solo work and Corrections House (another project shared with Sanford), while Parker is involved with Minsk, Buried at Sea and produces for bands.. Read More
Albums Of The Year 2016

Albums Of The Year 2016

Whatever way you look at it 2016 has hardly been a bundle of laughs. It’s been a year full of fear, loathing and paranoia with a healthy side dish of total chaos running through it. The political climate became stupefying and unbelievable both here and.. Read More
Interview - Truckfighters

Interview – Truckfighters

Friday night in Angel and there’s a steady gathering at the Islington O2 ahead of the Truckfighters’ second last UK gig. I am escorted to their dressing room where I’m introduced to Niklas “Dango” Källgren, who is calmly noodling away on a shiny black Gibson.. Read More
Interview - Kobra And The Lotus

Interview – Kobra And The Lotus

  Canadian metal outfit Kobra and the Lotus, rolled into Manchester as part of their tour with Delain and Evergrey. Enigmatic front-woman Kobra took time out of her schedule to have a chat with Ave Noctum in her dressing room before the show. However, before.. Read More
Interview - Wolverine

Interview – Wolverine

In 2016 Swedish progressive band Wolverine recently released their fifth album “Viva Machina” and performed for the sixth time at ProgPower Europe. Intrigued about what motivates this band, Andrew Doherty interviewed vocalist Stefan Zell (SZ) and drummer Marcus Losbjer (ML). AN: Hello! Thank you first.. Read More
Interview – Okkultokrati

Interview – Okkultokrati

Fresh from the release of fourth album ‘Raspberry Dawn’ and four dates into their European tour with Trap Them and Venom Prison, Norwegian weirdos, Okkultokrati, are in need of a well earned rest. We took a load off with BlackRace (guitars), Verminscum (drums) and Feffe.. Read More
Interview - Them

Interview – Them

Sometimes you seem to hit the proverbial jackpot in this music thing we do here at Ave Noctum and when you get an artist who gives you something fantastic to work with, in this case it is a wonderful concept album, everything just falls into.. Read More
Interview - KING

Interview – KING

Australian band KING are all set to make a massive name for themselves, with the release of their debut album ‘Reclaim The Darkness’ through Indie Recordings. A huge, riffed-up celebration of the universe and the wonders around us, that’s as harsh and heavy as it.. Read More
Interview - Deadlock

Interview – Deadlock

Formed in 1997 German band Deadlock mix up pummelling muscular melodies and songs with a social conscious, which has seen them building up a loyal fan-base over 7 excellent albums. Unfortunately it’s not always been an easy path especially in the run up to latest.. Read More
Interview - Forteresse

Interview – Forteresse

Forteresse. In the wake of their truly exceptional new album, Thèmes Pour La Rébellion (see the review if you haven’t already ) Ave Noctum were given the opportunity to send an interview the way of guitarist Moribond, a little bit of a wish come true.. Read More
Interview - Warhorns Festival

Interview – Warhorns Festival

The small but perfectly formed Warhorns festival has become a bit of a highlight over the last few years. Nestled deep in Viking country in Selby, North Yorkshire, a short stone’s throw from historic York/Jorvik, it has a warmth and enthusiasm rare these days and.. Read More
Interview - Nervosa

Interview – Nervosa

Last August, I was lucky enough to do an in depth interview with Fernanda Lira, the vocalist and bassist one of the fast rising bands in thrash metal. For almost an hour we discussed things like her influences, her music taste, played a game of.. Read More