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Ensiferum – Thalassic (Metal Blade)

Branded as Epic Folk Metal, Ensiferum’s journey has indeed been epic. And it gets more epic with every album – as time dictates it should. The band are the embodiment of epic, their music, lyrics, image – all epic, and… Continue Reading →

Entry – Detriment (Southern Lord)

A debut album, nine tracks, with a playtime of under twenty minutes – that alone should tell you what genre this belongs to. If it doesn’t, you literally must have been born yesterday. I’ll give you a hint: It’s not… Continue Reading →

Embr – 1823 (New Heavy Sounds)

I was wracking my brain to the significance of 1823 to historians and Doom fans alike.  Well I can now tell you that rollerskates were patented in that year and Brazil overthrew Portugal in the Bahia revolution. Interesting titbits but… Continue Reading →

Black Altar & Kirkebrann – Deus Inversus (Odium Records)

Over the years, “black metal” has become an ever widening genre label, and these days much of what is given this tag is barely recognisable from the genre’s roots, not only in terms of music but also attitude. On this… Continue Reading →

Skeleton – Skeleton (20 Buck Spin)

I call myself a Metalhead because I think that probably best suits my musical taste, I mean don’t get me wrong I listen to some weird stuff. One minute I’m listening to Manowar the next Eurovision songs (I probably just… Continue Reading →

Dawn of a Dark Age – La Tavola Osca (Antiq)

“Dedicated to the fully coherent concept of making music through sound, image, video and attitude”, the Antiq label has released an interesting album here. The principal artist is classical and jazz artist Vittorio Sabelli, who as Dawn of a Dark… Continue Reading →

Dee Calhoun – Godless (Argonauta Records)

It’s a simple and undeniable fact that I’ve had the privilege and joy of reviewing Dee Calhoun’s last two albums, ‘ Rotgut’ (2016) and ‘Go To The Devil’ (2018) for Ave Noctum (see reviews passim), and each time I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Ten Foot Wizard – Get Out Of Your Mind (Beard Of Zeus)

Let’s get one thing straight from the outset…Ten Foot Wizard are wicked good fun. Their oozy mix of party sized doom loaded with groove and funky swagger is damn infectious live. With “Get Out Of Your Mind”, the third album… Continue Reading →

Rebel Wizard – Magickal Mystical Indifference (Prosthetic)

If you give yourself a genre tag, you best make damn sure you’re unique or you live up to your title. If a band calls themselves Pathological Surgical Cavernous Death Thrash Punk then I’ll take it as a joke and… Continue Reading →

Paysage D’Hiver – Im Wald (Kunsthall Produktionen)

Paysage D’Hiver – literally ‘Winter Landscape’ – might just be the epitome of the black metal trope that from extreme chaos emerges form and beauty. Or, perhaps to look at it another way, as the band’s sole member Wintherr said… Continue Reading →

Taake / Deathcult – Jaertegn (Edged Circle)

Having made a Pakt with Whoredom Rife recently now it is time for a Portent with Deathcult. The modus-operandi of this split release is the same, two tracks each including a cover song. Released on special 10-inch vinyl and I… Continue Reading →

Statiqbloom – Beneath the Whelm (Metropolis)

Statiqbloom are about hard beats, haunting, hallucinogenic, post-industrial electronics. With this information I prepared for my trip. The scene is set with the industrial sound of chaos. Dark thumping electro with whispering vocals signal “Alcestis”. This takes me back to… Continue Reading →

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