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Foetal Juice – Gluttony (Gore House Productions)

Here lies a salutary lesson and one I have heeded. Do not judge a book by its cover…ever…unless it’s a map of course but then is that a book? Who knows? And would you please get the fuck on with… Continue Reading →

Almyrkvi / The Ruins Of Beverast – Split (Ván Records)

There may only be four tracks on this split release but with an average running time of 10 minutes each there is plenty to immerse yourself in and it certainly is not lacking in substance. Both bands could be considered… Continue Reading →

Hellbound – Overlords (Discouraged Records)

Do you like the works of Rob Zombie? Hellbound do, like Airbourne like Akka Dakka if you catch my drift. The album starts with a snippet of Hellbound- Hellraiser II and then Too Fast to Die begins. It is basically… Continue Reading →

YounA – Zornvlouch (Into Endless Chaos Records)

Black metal has always been a breeding ground for solo projects of widely varying quality, many of which release albums at ridiculous rates much of which are just garbage. Taking the time to write quality black metal where one individual… Continue Reading →

Less Win – Given Light (Big Oil Recording Co)

History repeats itself. This is especially true in fashion and music. A new generation unearths something from the past that resonates with their thoughts and feelings, they give it a twist and add something of their own and then unleash… Continue Reading →

Shok Paris – Full Metal Jacket (No Remorse)

I saw the name and immediately requested this album for review. I still have my cassette tape of their second release ‘Steel and Starlight’ from way back in 1987, I remember these chaps as being part of the Cleveland metal… Continue Reading →

Conquest Icon – Empire of the Worm (Godz ov War)

Polish blackened death metal band Conquest Icon have been around since 2009, since when they have released two albums including this one, their first being in 2010, and three tracks on a split three years later. Looking at the history… Continue Reading →

Enevelde – Enevelde (Terratur Possessions)

At the helm of this solo project is Norwegian multi-instrumentalist B. Kråbøl who also has another project called Misotheist that I’m not familiar with but has a single self-titled album released in 2018. It appears Mr Kråbøl has decided to… Continue Reading →

Wilczyca – S/T (Godz Ov War)

Godz Ov War don’t only teach us about music from Poland but also necessitate a bit of a crash course in linguistics as well. I was drawn to this album after a box of discs turned up from the label… Continue Reading →

Violent Hammer – Riders of the Wasteland (Hells Headbangers)

These Finns have been around since 2006 and deal in a primal mix of black, death and grindcore.  Every so often I listen to a band and find its extremity strangely relaxing and soporific. Violent Hammer are one such band…. Continue Reading →

Shrapnel – Palace For The Insane (Candlelight)

Norwich based thrashers Shrapnel are back and much like their name, they are tearing through things without mercy, cutting down all in their path with furious riffs, scathing vocals and piercing lead guitar work. Last time out, “Raised On Decay”… Continue Reading →

Centinex – Death In Pieces (Agonia)

Some bands pass us by which is often a sad state of affairs, but it’s only natural. You might be a massive Black Metal fan but never really got into Immortal and all of that is okay. Music isn’t just… Continue Reading →

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