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Nekrokraft – Servants (The Sign Records)

Nekrokraft – Servants (The Sign Records)

Swedish black metallers Nekrokraft have just unleashed their first full-length album ‘Servants’…And it’s a mixed bag to be fair. Following on from the 2016 mini-album ‘Will o’ Wisp’, ‘Servants’ is equal parts black/thrash and symphonic metal, that unfortunately fails to fully commit successfully to any.. Read More
Shroud of Satan – Of Evil Descent (Sol Records)

Shroud of Satan – Of Evil Descent (Sol Records)

It’s been a good couple of years since ‘At the Behest of Time’, but Shroud of Satan’s orthodox manifesto remains the same. The German bands 2nd full-length album ‘Of Evil Descent’ proudly states… “Our cult and identity cannot be acquired. It’s neither subject to acculturation.. Read More
Zeresh - Sigh for Sigh (999 Cuts)

Zeresh – Sigh for Sigh (999 Cuts)

Zeresh is a project from Tamar Singer, one half of Israel’s folk noir duo Cruel Wonders, whose ‘Gentle Doom’ album was released last year. An enchanting, but claustrophobic listen, ‘Gentle Doom’ had its folk sensibilities very much to the fore, but with Zeresh, Tamar takes.. Read More
Funeral Winds - Sinister Creed (Avantgarde)

Funeral Winds – Sinister Creed (Avantgarde)

…I get a feeling that 2018 is going to be a good year for fast, furious and brutal black metal… Now, Funeral Winds may take a bit of time getting a full-length record out, but when they do, they don’t fuck about. The follow-up album.. Read More
Ieschure - The Shadow (Iron Bonehead)

Ieschure – The Shadow (Iron Bonehead)

I think it’s fair to say, that within the genre of extreme metal, you can get away with quite a bit, and certainly within the realms of black metal… …Well, you can actually get away with releasing something that…erm, isn’t very good really. All subjective.. Read More
Row Of Ashes - Let The Long Night Fade (Third I Rex)

Row Of Ashes – Let The Long Night Fade (Third I Rex)

“…the sonic equivalent of helplessly watching a storm develop, destroy everything around you, and finally, assessing the devastation once it has passed.” So reads the press blurb that accompanies ‘Let The Long Night Fade’, the debut album from London band Row Of Ashes. It’s a.. Read More
Porn – The Ogre Inside (Les Disques Rubicon)

Porn – The Ogre Inside (Les Disques Rubicon)

Apparently, French industrial/goth metalers Porn, are named after the album ‘Pornography’ by The Cure. While I find that a little hard to believe, you’ll be pleased to know that their sound is every bit as filthy as the sort of stuff that you used to.. Read More
Kroh - Pyres (Devizes Records)

Kroh – Pyres (Devizes Records)

This short, but sweet EP from Birmingham-based doom crew Kroh follows swiftly on from last year’s debut album ‘Altars’, and aims to inject some pop sensibility into the sludgy gloom. Although the chief mindset of the release (…what would Mayhem’s ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ sound.. Read More
Satyricon - Deep calleth upon Deep (Napalm)

Satyricon – Deep calleth upon Deep (Napalm)

Satyricon have returned from a night at the opera, armed with a record that sounds…well, to these ears anyway…quite similar to the last few. Great news if you enjoyed ‘Now, Diabolical’ and ‘Age of Nero’ but not so good if you were expecting (as promised).. Read More
Paradise Lost – Medusa (Nuclear Blast)

Paradise Lost – Medusa (Nuclear Blast)

Now, if you thought that the veteran gothic/doom metalers had gone back to basics with 2015’s ‘The Plague Within’, wait until you hear this gnarly little fucker. Almost completely devoid of PL’s more grandiose leanings, ‘Medusa’ is certainly their heaviest album to date, but as.. Read More
Akercocke – Renaissance In Extremis (Peaceville Records)

Akercocke – Renaissance In Extremis (Peaceville Records)

Akercocke… It’s good to have you back. …what happened? You didn’t write, you didn’t phone… I think it’s fair to say that Akercocke have been one of the most loved, cherished and respected extreme metal bands that this country has produced in the past 2.. Read More
Mavradoxa – Lethean Lament  (Hypnotic Dirge Records)

Mavradoxa – Lethean Lament (Hypnotic Dirge Records)

‘Lethean Lament’ is the second album from New York-based atmospheric black metal duo Mavradoxa, and just like the excellent ‘Reclaim The Darkness’ album from Australian band King last year, it’s a massive slab of nature-obsessed majesty. Surprising and dynamic, Lux (drums, vocals) and Nival (guitars,.. Read More