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Ex People – Bird  (New Heavy Sounds)

Ex People – Bird (New Heavy Sounds)

It’s always good to hear new music, and equally good to hear a band that is a bit different and willing to walk their own path, something that Ex People are happy to do with their first full length release ‘Bird’. The LP starts of.. Read More
Temptation's Wings – Skulthor Ebonblade (S/R)

Temptation’s Wings – Skulthor Ebonblade (S/R)

Accompanied as it was by one of the politest written requests for review it’s ever been my joy to receive, North Carolina’s own Temptation’s Wings are a band I’d never heard of but are one that immediately intrigued me, the album cover of ‘Skulthor Ebonblade’.. Read More
Mammoth Mammoth - Mount the Mountain (Napalm Records)

Mammoth Mammoth – Mount the Mountain (Napalm Records)

If you’ve ever caught Mammoth Mammoth in the past, whether by playing their records or attending a gig, you know that they have a pretty tried and true formula, which is why you will be massively surprised by their new direction. Eschewing hard rocking riffs.. Read More
Devil – To The Gallows  (Soulseller Records)

Devil – To The Gallows (Soulseller Records)

Bloody hell (no pun intended folks), but has it really been four whole years since Devil released ‘Gather The Sinners’, an album that was in my top 10 of 2013 and still gets regular plays? A quick tally on my fingers confirms that is the.. Read More
Widows – Oh Deer God  (UMC Recordings)

Widows – Oh Deer God (UMC Recordings)

One of the joys of this reviewing lark is getting sent music that you would not normally come across, bands that may support your favourite acts on a local rather than tour level that escape your radar arriving on your doormat care of a hard.. Read More
Season of Arrows – Give it to the Mountain  (Argonauta Records)

Season of Arrows – Give it to the Mountain (Argonauta Records)

Whilst not the biggest of labels out there, Argonauta Records has delivered some real treats over the last couple of years that still manage to get regular plays here at Chez Spenny, no mean feat when I look at the ever grown stacks of CDs.. Read More
White Willow – Future Hopes (The Laser's Edge)

White Willow – Future Hopes (The Laser’s Edge)

For those who want metal, metal, and nothing but metal, move along now; like the droids in Star Wars, these are not the songs you are looking for. Yes, I know some folks have tried to chisel in references to ambient black metal into their.. Read More
Alunah – Solennial (Svart)

Alunah – Solennial (Svart)

For over a decade now, Alunah has remained one of the UK’s consistently finest purveyors of superb Doom, albeit having had assorted labels such as the very niche “female fronted occult rock” tag that was beloved of so many reviewers. Regardless of how you choose.. Read More
King Woman – Created In The Image of Suffering (Relapse)

King Woman – Created In The Image of Suffering (Relapse)

The first time I heard the name King Woman was when they along with fellow support act Wax Idols jumped ship on a Pentagram tour due to less than savoury comments attributed to legendary front man and former major supporter of the agricultural poppy industry.. Read More
Arrakis – Electricon (S/R)

Arrakis – Electricon (S/R)

Arrakis, the desert planet, home of Spice that allows interstellar travel, known as Dune, and also a rather good Greek instrumental psychedelic power trio. To take their name from the possibly the most famous planet in Science-Fiction literature is a pretty bold move, setting a.. Read More
Interview - Alunah

Interview – Alunah

For over 10 years, since first coming together in the English Midlands in 2006, Alunah have trafficked in a blend of the earthly and the unearthly.  2017 sees the band releasing their highly anticipated fourth album Solennial in partnership with new label Svart.  Vocalist/guitarist/songwriting band.. Read More
Vermilion Whiskey – Spirit of Tradition (10 South Productions)

Vermilion Whiskey – Spirit of Tradition (10 South Productions)

Another new act, or at least new to me, to review with South Louisiana rockers Vermilion Whiskey and the EP ‘Spirit of Tradition’, and as you might expect, the influences of the American South are there in spades. ‘Road King’ is a chugging tale of.. Read More