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Author Slavica Sikora

Listening to music and reading have been my favourite pastime since I was a teenager. I grew up in a small town and there wasn’t much else to do. Why I developed a liking for guitar-heavy music I can’t really say. It just appealed to me. A friend from school made me a mix tape with bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. There was no record store in my hometown, but there was a small shop that sold all kinds of electrical appliances that would order records for you if you asked them to. The first album I ever purchased was by Guns ‘n Roses. From there, my musical taste moved forward to hardcore and punk bands, mostly because I had skater friends, and also because with time I understood more and more English and developed a taste for good lyrics. By good I mean critical of main-stream culture and society. In my life, music matters. The written word matters. Poetry matters. Philosophy matters. Like Mr. Rollins, I medicate with music (and literature, and philosophy). The best thing for me is when great music and great lyrics combine. An example? Shellac, Copper. Copper, you’ll never be gold. Or: Mediocrity, you’ll never pass for the real thing. Another one: Cop Shoot Cop, It only hurts when I breath. Boy, do I love the irony in that one. I enjoy figuring out what a work of art is about, or what went through someone’s head when they wrote something. It feels good, when I know I understood, it feels even better when I can relate to what is being expressed. That’s why I write reviews.

Velnias – Scion of Aether (Eisenwald)

Yes, there have always been Fissures Within The Construct. Now that they have become apparent, everyone can see them, and the more time goes by, the wider they get, turning into broad cracks and large fractures. Velnias are from Nederland,… Continue Reading →

Fool’s Ghost – Dark Woven Light (Prosthetic Records)

Fool’s Ghost are a band from Louisville, Kentucky, composed of two people only, husband and wife Amber and Nick Thieneman. And let me tell you straight from the beginning that they have delivered a stunning debut album with Dark Woven… Continue Reading →

Fotocrime – South of Heaven (Profound Lore)

I had been looking forward to Fotocrime’s new album ever since it was announced. The band’s previous releases with their mixture of post punk, dark wave and goth rock were right up my alley, my favourite being the EP Always… Continue Reading →

Sectile – Falls Apart (S/R)

Progressive metal is a tricky thing. Overdo it with the complexity and the unusual harmonies and you end up with a mess that even great musicianship can’t save. Sectile, a relatively young band from Dublin, Ireland, founded in November 2016,… Continue Reading →

Drown – Subaqueous (Prophecy)

“Remember, O man, that dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return.” Except for the cyclic part, the Catholic church has got it all wrong, of course. We are mostly made of water, not dust. The water, or the… Continue Reading →

Insect Ark – The Vanishing (Profound Lore)

Whether it’s me or the music, or a combination of both, I can’t really say, but Insect Ark’s compositions always remind me of certain literature. With Marrow Hymns (2018) I had to think of the writing of the Bronte Sisters… Continue Reading →

Turia – Degen van Licht (Eisenwald)

Mankind has probably always been in awe of mountains, but only relatively recently have we started really exploring them. Only 300 years ago, mountaineering, or visiting the Earth’s peaks for recreational purposes, was unheard of.  Before the 18th century, mountains… Continue Reading →

Karg – Traktat (Art Of Propaganda)

Karg is an excellent name for a band, especially for a black metal band from Austria. The word “karg” is German and it is old, something that you can simultaneously hear and see. Karg, when referred to a landscape, means… Continue Reading →

Deathwhite – Grave Image (Season Of Mist)

Worried about the grave state of the world, “the fallible nature of mankind”, “the unrelenting depletion of the earth’s resources”, and the fact that truth, once an absolute, “is now fluid, twisted and contorted”, American “dark metal collective” Deathwhite have… Continue Reading →

Traps – The Fighter (Halfmeltedbrain Records)

For once the press info is spot on. This is promoted as “wild, whacky, proggy and crazy” and that it exactly what it is. The band photo of two disfigured faces pressed up against a car window nicely transmits the… Continue Reading →

Decem Maleficivm – The End of Satan (LADLO Productions)

From such a faraway place as Chile come Decem Maleficivm proclaiming The End of Satan. And there I was thinking that that guy would be around forever, because of cosmic balance and all that. Decem Maleficivm themselves, in any case,… Continue Reading →

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