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Listening to music and reading have been my favourite pastime since I was a teenager. I grew up in a small town and there wasn’t much else to do. Why I developed a liking for guitar-heavy music I can’t really say. It just appealed to me. A friend from school made me a mix tape with bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. There was no record store in my hometown, but there was a small shop that sold all kinds of electrical appliances that would order records for you if you asked them to. The first album I ever purchased was by Guns ‘n Roses. From there, my musical taste moved forward to hardcore and punk bands, mostly because I had skater friends, and also because with time I understood more and more English and developed a taste for good lyrics. By good I mean critical of main-stream culture and society. In my life, music matters. The written word matters. Poetry matters. Philosophy matters. Like Mr. Rollins, I medicate with music (and literature, and philosophy). The best thing for me is when great music and great lyrics combine. An example? Shellac, Copper. Copper, you’ll never be gold. Or: Mediocrity, you’ll never pass for the real thing. Another one: Cop Shoot Cop, It only hurts when I breath. Boy, do I love the irony in that one. I enjoy figuring out what a work of art is about, or what went through someone’s head when they wrote something. It feels good, when I know I understood, it feels even better when I can relate to what is being expressed. That’s why I write reviews.

Dismalimerence – Tome: 1 (Transcending Records)

Can black metal be romantic? Dismalimerence form Chicago, Illinois, are saying that it can and they are doing a pretty good job at showing us how. From the band name to the album’s subject, the artwork and the music, their… Continue Reading →

Long Distance Calling – How Do We Want To Live (InsideOut)

I suppose most of you know or have at least heard of the Israeli historian and philosopher Yuval Noah Harari and his multi-discipline insights into the history of and the prospects for the human species. If you don’t know him,… Continue Reading →

Kall – Brand (Prophecy Productions)

To some, the genre of Depressive & Suicidal Black Metal is the strangest of all musical genres, a laughing matter even, to others it is the logical conclusion of dealing with the realities of life. Where you stand on that… Continue Reading →

Hellhookah – The Curse (S/R)

Can’t say I know much about the Baltic countries in general or Lithuania in particular. I have never been there, nor met somebody from there, nor do I recall having ever come across a band from there. But I imagine… Continue Reading →

Bait – Revelation of the Pure (LADLO Productions)

Bait, three guys from Würzburg, Germany, certainly don’t lack ideas, nor energy. There is so much happening on their album Revelation of the Pure that you don’t know where to direct your attention first. Pressing play is like a whirlwind… Continue Reading →

October Falls – A Fall of an Epoch (Purity Through Fire)

October Falls are a longstanding black metal band from Finland, founded by Mikko Lehto in 2001. A one-man project in its beginnings, the band quickly expanded to a full band line up. Today, its three members can look back on… Continue Reading →

Deathbarrel – Rebuke Revoke (Soulseller Records)

Who doesn’t like a bit of country music, or at least a bit of Johnny Cash? I like Johnny Cash a lot, especially his lyrics and his poetry (yes, he wrote poetry, too). That’s why I was not put off… Continue Reading →

Ashtar – Kaikuja (Eisenwald)

An album cover is always a good starting point to get acquainted with a band, I find. At least it should be. As mentioned before, I like it when album cover art and music fit well together. In fact, this… Continue Reading →

Rabo de Toro – S/T (S/R)

Why would a band from Wales name themselves after a Spanish National dish? That was one of the several questions that popped up in my mind while listening to Rabo de Toro’s self-titled and self-released debut album. Another one was… Continue Reading →

The Spirit Cabinet – Bloodlines (Van Records)

Looks like I completely misjudged this one when I chose it for review. Traditional heavy metal sounded good to me, I like traditional heavy metal, but this is metal of a rather pompous, theatrical, and maybe a little bit silly… Continue Reading →

Witchskull – A Driftwood Cross (Rise Above)

“The skies are dark. The atmosphere is thick with dread. The future looks bleak. Only pure, red-blooded heavy fucking metal can save us now.” That’s the beginning of the bio for Witchskull. And while it might seem a tad exaggerated,… Continue Reading →

Perchta – Ufång (Prophecy)

Perchta, founded as recently as 2017, are from Tyrol, Austria, and named after a figure from Germanic folklore, also considered a goddess in Alpine paganism. Frau Perchta was, among other things, the upholder of cultural taboos. She was said to… Continue Reading →

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