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Author Paul Maddison

I grew up in the North East at the tail end of NWOBHM and US Power Metal scene and more noticably during the glam vs. thrash conflict. I then upped sticks to spend a good few years in the West Midlands during the late 90's.

Over the years I have become a fanatical collector of records, T shirts and CD's and in this current internet age, mp3's are not what i consider to be called part a record collection for the "record"!

I decided to start writing reviews as I thought that it would be a good way to give back some positive support for artists and a music phenomenon that has given me great pleasure over the years. I prefer to listen to bands that can really play their instruments and have a talent for melody and good arrangements. I try to be constructive with everything I endeavour within music. When on or off "duty" you will more than likely see me enjoying rather a few pints of the good stuff at the bar in the London area and maybe at some various other watering holes around the country...i don't bite, i just stumble a bit...

Long live metal with all its triumphs and tribulations, metal fans are a community, it's a lifestyle, it is everything to man and beast!

Vampire – Rex (Century Media)

‘Rex’ is a long awaited follow up to 2017’s ‘With Primeval Force’ which developed the band from their debut release. Here on ‘Rex’ I find them going back in the majority to their early sound whilst still retaining those lesson… Continue Reading →

Cro Mags – In the Beginning (Nuclear Blast)

Now that the naming rights have been sorted out, Harley Flanagan and Rocky George (many should know these names!) come at you with a new release which features the tracks from their two recent EP’s, namely ‘Don’t Give In’ and… Continue Reading →

The Rite – Liturgy of the Black (Iron Bonehead)

This is a Danish/Italian group whom have members of the most excellent Krossburst (Ita) and Denial of God (Dnk) with those members also existing within Black Oath. The black/doom approach will bring striking similarities to the Celtic Frost mantle, with… Continue Reading →

Interview – Dark Forest

Dark Forest – as many of you may know, I am a big fan of this band since their inception, recently they dropped a new studio album ‘Oak, Ash & Thorn’, which I found most pleasing. I had another chat… Continue Reading →

Shok Paris – Full Metal Jacket (No Remorse)

I saw the name and immediately requested this album for review. I still have my cassette tape of their second release ‘Steel and Starlight’ from way back in 1987, I remember these chaps as being part of the Cleveland metal… Continue Reading →

Tyrant – Hereafter (Shadow Kingdom)

Tyrant (California, USA) made a couple of classics which are well loved (‘Legions of the Dead’ and the killer ‘Too Late to Pray’) in the 80’s and then returned in ’96 with the well-respected ‘King of Kings’. All three of… Continue Reading →

The Wizar’d – Subterranean Exile (Cruz Del Sur)

These Australian’s have certainly started to make a name from themselves. Their last release ‘Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge’ started some waves in the underground scene. However, to note, this new one ‘Subterranean Exile’ in indeed their fourth release of… Continue Reading →

Solicitor – Spectral Devastation (Gates of Hell)

“Speed Kills”! The motto often mentioned by this band, the music of course matches this statement. Solicitor are an American band (Seattle) and have made a name for themselves in the underground scene over recent times. I was supposed to… Continue Reading →

King Witch – Body of Light (Listenable)

There is something warming and exciting about the opening few chords of ‘Body of Light’. There is a feel of eastern mysticism and then the actual metal riffing begins. Boom, you are then drawn into a heavy metal trance with… Continue Reading →

Dark Forest – Oak, Ash & Thorn (Cruz Del Sur Music)

England’s Dark Forest are well-versed masters of old Albion and have a deep connection, their material often delves into dear old England’s historical past. This, their fifth, and longest break between recordings, was partially written, then founder, songwriter and guitarist… Continue Reading →

Traveler – Termination Shock (Gates of Hell)

Spookily, along with fellow Canadians Riot City who Traveler recently toured Europe alongside, their debut self-titled release was my joint top album of last year. Unfortunately, like many, this tour was halted by Covid-19. As I witnessed them previously in… Continue Reading →

Skyryder – Vol 2 (High Roller)

The UK has a great amount of talent in the traditional metal field; we may all have heralded the achievements of the likes of Toledo Steel, Seven Sisters, Amulet, Dark Forest and many others. Skyryder are local (to me!) lads… Continue Reading →

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