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Author Paul Maddison

I grew up in the North East at the tail end of NWOBHM and US Power Metal scene and more noticably during the glam vs. thrash conflict. I then upped sticks to spend a good few years in the West Midlands during the late 90's.

Over the years I have become a fanatical collector of records, T shirts and CD's and in this current internet age, mp3's are not what i consider to be called part a record collection for the "record"!

I decided to start writing reviews as I thought that it would be a good way to give back some positive support for artists and a music phenomenon that has given me great pleasure over the years. I prefer to listen to bands that can really play their instruments and have a talent for melody and good arrangements. I try to be constructive with everything I endeavour within music. When on or off "duty" you will more than likely see me enjoying rather a few pints of the good stuff at the bar in the London area and maybe at some various other watering holes around the country...i don't bite, i just stumble a bit...

Long live metal with all its triumphs and tribulations, metal fans are a community, it's a lifestyle, it is everything to man and beast!

Skyryder – Vol 2 (High Roller)

The UK has a great amount of talent in the traditional metal field; we may all have heralded the achievements of the likes of Toledo Steel, Seven Sisters, Amulet, Dark Forest and many others. Skyryder are local (to me!) lads… Continue Reading →

Malokarpatan – Krupinské ohne (Invictus Productions)

I think this band are truly unique and I am pleased to report on this their third album. Malokarpatan are from Slovakia and wander the dark corners of black metal, but with so much more depth. On their debut ‘Stridžie… Continue Reading →

Ambush – Infidel (High Roller)

Ambush are back, I really love this band and there is no surprises here on their third album. Ambush have always been masters of harmony, both from the guitar and the vocals. This is once again very well represented here… Continue Reading →

Smoulder – Dream Quest Ends (Cruz Del Sur)

These Canadian’s are no strangers to these pages; their epic doom laden metal hit a sweet spot last year. This release is an EP with two new tracks, a cover version and the three demo tracks from their 2019 demo…. Continue Reading →

Stallion – Slaves of Time (High Roller)

These German’s are at it again…giving listeners infectious heavy metal with a touch of speed thrown in for good measure. This is album number three and the momentum keeps going and shows no sign of slowing down. The only time… Continue Reading →

Slaughter Messiah – Cursed to the Pyre (High Roller)

Belgium’s deadly thrashers…a statement of fact from the PR material. Their earlier material has made waves for myself and I could not wait to hear their new output. One thing that is a touch missing is the large striking band… Continue Reading →

Throne of Iron – Adventure One (No Remorse)

I have followed the development of this project via an online music platform; this is the debut full-length release by Indiana residents that originally was conceived as a solo project by Tucker Thomasson (vocals and guitar) the night after the… Continue Reading →

Terrifiant – Terrifiant (Gates of Hell)

This is a new band from Belgium; there is a lot of traffic around the internet about them I have seen recently. Essentially, this is an unashamed throwback metal release. To my ears more US metal and a touch of… Continue Reading →

Torpëdo – Mechanic Tyrants (Gates of Hell)

This is a re-release of this German band’s debut 2019 demo. I have this with the band picture on it, so I am not new to this material. The music is labelled as speed metal, I have more affliction to… Continue Reading →

Ironflame – Blood Red Victory (Divebomb/Metalworld)

It’s not often you hear good EU styled power metal from our cousins across the pond, with Ironflame I have been a fan since their debut. I saw them live in Germany a couple of years ago and this cemented… Continue Reading →

Haunt – Mind Freeze (Shadow Kingdom)

In 2019 we had a second album (‘If Icarus Could Fly’), an EP ‘(Mosaic Vision’), and a couple of split 7 inch releases (w/Seven Sisters and Fortress respectively). Haunt are on their game and the releases keep coming thick and… Continue Reading →

Revel in Flesh – The Hour of the Avenger (War Anthem Records)

Album number five, Revel in Flesh (RIF) still make an unearthly racket! For those who made it to their UK show of recent times you would have witnessed a really cool proper death metal guitar tone, a howling old school… Continue Reading →

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